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December 15, 2013

【Buddhist Ceremony】December 2013: Special Metta Charming Gold Foil

BOBI Fortune Shrine has sent a batch of gold foil to Wat Traimitr Withayaram on Sept 11th. The gold foil will be blessed and consecrated by the masters in the temple with unique salika bird scripture power for 3 consecutive months, till the dharma ceremony which conducts in December.

1. This batch of gold foil infused with special salika bird scripture power could rapidly increase ones wealth fortune, metta, charm, popularity, and authority power.

2. The gold foil which pastes on face contain different effects and meanings.

Pasting on your forehead could increase your authority power, status and fame;
pasting on both cheeks could enhance your personal charm and metta;
pasting gold foil on your chin helps to gain wealth and fill up your treasures.

3. The masters from Wat Traimitr Withayaram will personally paste the gold foil for you during the dharma ceremony in December.

4. Limited amount of gold foils available during the December dharma ceremony (as shown in picture). You can purchase the gold foil starting from Sept 16th.

One piece of gold foil costs NTD.100. Each person is limited to 4 pieces.

5. For people who are interested to purchase the gold foil, please ask for bank remittance account and provide us the number of purchasing pieces and your personal details to complete your purchase order.

6. People who have successfully purchased the special metta gold foil, please claim your gold foil during the dharma ceremony on Dec 12th to Dec 25th at BOBI Fortune Shrine.

7. In case of any special or emergency conditions that you couldn't attend the dharma ceremony in December, BOBI Fortune Shrine will directly send the gold foil to you but you have to bear the delivery cost of NTD.35 (Taiwan area).

【Lucky BOBI.Buddhist Shrine in Taiwan】

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October 13, 2013

【Buddhist Ceremony】October 2013: Fortune & Wealth - 12 Zodiacs Dharma Ceremony

【10/9 - 10/13 Fortune & Wealth - 12 Zodiacs Dharma Ceremony】

"Fortune & Wealth - 12 Zodiacs Dharma Ceremony" will be held on October 9 - 13. Abbots of Wat Makok, Wat Bangkrainai, Wat Ruak, and Wat Kanlad are glad to be invited to host the ceremony.

"Luck" plays a vital role in your life. The trend of one person's development and luck depends on various conditions and factors. Hence the subject of this ceremony is emphasized on the luck-enhancing and wealth-attracting.

Luck-Enhancing: better to be performed between Mid-Autumn Festival and Lunar New Year.
Luck-Activating: better to be performed in spring, the first season of the new year.
Luck-Changing: by changing the atmosphere and mindset, misfortune could be turned into fortune.

Those whose Chinese Zodiac clashes with the Tai Sui of the year in 2014, year of the horse, are people born in the year of the horse, rat, ox, and rabbit. Whether one's zodiac offends Tai Sui or not, it is of great importance to improve the luck. By reversing bad luck into good luck, life will surely become smoother, and wealth will naturally come.

【Event Details】

1. 12-Zodiac Bracelet: made and consecrated by the great monk Kruba Noi, the 12-Zodiac Bracelet blesses people with fortune, wealth, and safety. (Recommended for those whose Chinese Zodiac clashes with the Tai Sui of the year in 2014)

2. Blessing of Buddha amulets: All Buddha amulets could be repurified regardless of its original purchasing stores. BOBI Fortune Shrine welcomes you to bring along your own amulets so that the master could repurify and bless for the amulets to make its power stronger. The repurifying and blessing process could be done simultaneously by more than one master. (Recommeded to repurify and bless once a month.)

3. Charm and attraction stimulation of gold foil: Thai masters would personally stick the 4 pieces of gold foils blessed with mantra power on your forehead, cheeks, and chin, which respectively means the enhancement of influence and fame, charm and popularity, and wealth attraction. (Recommended to do this once a month as the power will not last forever.)

4. Sprinkle of holy water: Wipe off bad luck and misfortune. (Recommended to do it once a month to wipe off all bad fortune.)

5. Tie wealth-grabbing hand-strap: Suitable for those people who want to enhance their wealth fortune. The hand-strap blessed with spell by master could increase the opportunity to make money and keep the earning. Not recommended for people who want to reap without sowing. (People with good financial ability could get rid of it. Keep your good deeds and wealth to the next life.)

6. Change of luck: Released from karmic entanglement, weasels and lawsuits, transform fortune. (Recommended to do once a year. People with weak fortune could do once every 3 months.)

7. Fortune-telling/Tarot Reading: To foresee the coming fortune and escape from bad ones.

【Friendly Reminder from Lucky BOBI】

1. Ongoing powerful forces could improve all aspects of your fortunes.

Please bring your amulets, whether which were from Lucky BOBI or not, to our dharma ceremony which is held every month in order to receive blessing and purification of amulets by master.

Lucky Bobi does not charge for the above mentioned ritual. May the merits of our practice dedicated to all beings around ten spiritual realms, honor the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha, and transfer to all kind-hearted worshippers. May all wishes come true.

Please provide offerings in cash or goods form to master with your own desire to enhance your field of merit. Thank you!

2. BOBI Fortune Shrine has limited space with less than 300 level ground. To avoid from long waiting, please feel free to register in advance.

3. We welcome you to bring your whole family to attend the ceremony and worship the divine Buddhas.

Limited amount of amulets made by masters are given out free to disciples. While supplies last.

Wish You A Peaceful, Healthy, and Wealthy Life!

【Lucky BOBI.Buddhist Shrine in Taiwan】

Address: 8F, No 308, Zhonggang Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City 242
Opening hours: Everyday 9 am - 9 pm
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October 12, 2013

【Amulets Zone】Kruba Noi.Phra Upakut

1. Said to practice Buddhism under the sea, the lotus-wearing Phra Upakut is often worshiped with a plate with shallow water.

  2. Phra Upakut is not only a symbol of the attraction and the preservation of wealth, but also blesses people with fortune, safety, and peaceful life.

3. This Phra Upakut amulet is made and consecrated by Kruba Noi, and could help people become more endearing, have more prosperous career, and own more wealth. Wear it, and enjoy a satisfied, abundant, wealthy, and rich life!

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October 11, 2013

【Amulets Zone】Wat Bang Phra.Luck-Changing Bead

1. Those who often meet misfortunes or in unfortunate states are recommended to wear the luck-changing bead consecrated by Thai monks to improve their luck and good fortune.

Luck-changing bead is made of seven-color crystal bead and nawaloha (mixed 9 kinds of metal) with mantras carved on its backside. Crystal bead is a representation of accomplishment and happiness, which can effectively help gather the power, improve the atmosphere, and enhance your charm.

The multi-color refracted rays make the translucent crystal bead more shining and glittering.

2. Luck-changing beads introduced here have been consecrated by Luang Phor Sam Ang, the abbot of Wat Bang Phra, and the effects include wealth, luck-changing, metta (loving-kindness), safety, improvement of good fortune, and protection from adversity. With a paired bracelet, the luck-changing bead will be finely decorated.

Luck changes with time, and luck should be improved and enhanced to ensure a smoother and more peaceful life. Welcome your purchasing the luck-changing bead!

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8F., No.308, Zhonggang Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City 242
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October 7, 2013

【Efficacious Amulets】Blessed by Buddha Amulets and Kept Safe from Accident

Pravit Boonmee, the CEO of Doi Tung Development Project, a unit under Royal Forest Department of Thailand, is a guru of park design, whose masterpieces have won him several world championships and remarkable awards.

Pravit Boonmee

Pravit said that he's wearing a "Phra Somdej Pim Song Chedi Wat Rakang" amulet, which was inherited from his grandfather and father, for over 20 years. The elderly said that the front side of an Buddha amulet shouldn't be covered in case that the efficacy of protection might be obstructed. As a result, the front side of this Phra Somdej amulet got severely worn out, which made it difficult at first to distinguish the type of this amulet.

Phra Somdej Pim Song Chedi Wat Rakang

"Attending college in Chiang Mai," Pravit said, "I had asked some Buddha amulet experts to identify the type of this amulet, but no one had any idea. Having said that, I still consider this amulet invaluable."
Efficacious Stories

Pravit remembered well that in his 20s, "one day when I rode a motorcycle to Mae Hong Son Province, suddenly I became faint and slid and bumped to the bamboo fence on the roadside. Fortunately I only got some slight wounds instead of falling into the valley. I believe it is the Phra Somdej amulet that blessed me and kept me safe from this accident."

"Another time, I drove between Bangkok and Chiang Mai for two to three times without sufficient rests. When passing through Lampang Province, I, feeling tired, didn't notice a truck driving against me. At the very moment that a head-on collision was about to happen, an incredible power controled my steering wheel and again I escaped a severe traffic accident and the call of death."
"I was mercifully blessed for the third time in Chiang Rai that while my car flipped into a ditch because I was sleepy and speeding. The car got fully damaged, my friend riding the shotgun had his face hurt, but I was again kept safe from the accident."
"I think I should also be grateful for the protection of a Luang Phor Thuad amulet in memory of the building of Wat Huay Mongkol, which was given by one of my customers of park design."

Luang Phor Thuad

Pravit's Buddha Amulets and Sacred Objects

Pravit's attemps of looking for the "Khiao Seua" (tiger tooth) made by Luang Phor Parn, Wat Khlong Dan, Samut Prakan Province had failed for many times. One day, Pravit was given a Khiao Seua Luang Phor Parn by his friend who felt uncomfortable when wearing together the Khiao Seua Luang Phor Parn and Parakit Luang Phor Yi. Three days later, another friend gave him another Khiao Seua Luang Phor Parn. Pravit was so lucky that he obtained the originally hard-to-find Khiao Seua without striking a blow.

Khiao Seua Luang Phor Parn

Pravit also owns a one-inch-high metal statuette of King Naresuan.

Statuette of King Naresuan

Cultivation from Buddha Amulets

Pravit considers himself more a Buddha-amulet connoisseur than a Buddha-amulet collector. "It's an enjoyment to appreciate every element of a Buddha amulet—style, pattern, material, history, and its rich and profound content."

Buddha amulets have influences on Pravit's attitude toward life as well. "Whenever and wherever I go, I am always accompanied by Buddha amulets. The statuette of King Naresuan, for example, reminds me of the contribution to the nation. To repay the mercy of nation, I should do my best to dedicate my life to serve the society."

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October 6, 2013

【Amulets Zone】Luang Pu Key.Phra Buddha Sothorn

1. Luang Phor Sothorn, or Phra Buddha Sothorn, is quite well-known all over Thailand. In a sitting meditation posture, Luang Phor Sothorn is a fine Buddha statue in the style of Lan Xang art.

It is said that in the era of Ayutthaya Kingdom, Burma invaded and looted Ayutthaya. Golden or bronze Buddha statues in temples might be robbed and melted to extract metals. Fearing that these Buddha statues would not survive a burglary, monks masked them with stucco, put them into a raft, and had them float down the river.

Three Buddha statues have different advertures. Luang Phor Wat Ban Laem floated down to the Gulf of Thailand and along the coast to Samut Songkram and has stayed there since then. Luang Phor To floated along Samrong Canal to Bangphli in Samutprakarn.

Luang Phor Sothorn swept down through Bang Prakong River to Chachoengsao. At that time, many methods were tried unsuccessfully to pull Luang Phor Sorthorn out of the river. After people built a shrine for him and used some white threads, they were able to pull it ashore.

Another folk story said that five brothers with magical skills made themselves become five Buddha statues and float down the river to help the needed. Luang Phor Sothorn was one of them, and the other four ones were Luang Phor Wat Rai Khin, Luang Phor To Wat Bang Phli Yai Nai, Luang Phor Wat Ban Laem, and Luang Phor Wat Khao Ta Khrao.

2. Luang Phor Sothorn, believed to bless people with wealth fortune, booming career, health, and safety, has become a Buddha image highly revered and worshipped by business people. This Phra Buddha Sothorn amulet, the only one left in stock at present, was made and consecrated by Luang Pu Key. Purchase it now!

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【Efficacious Amulets】Singaporean Ho Fails Quest for 'Lucky Nuts'

Article quoted in Phuket Gazette

NAKHON PATHOM: Singaporean businessman Ho Kee Wong, 52, made the journey to Wat Sawang Arom in Nakhon Pathom in central Thailand hoping to rent a lucky peanut with five nuts inside the same pod – but was turned away empty-handed.

Ho was hoping to emulate fellow Singaporean construction material trader Lee Yern Wai, 55, who struck it rich after acquiring one of the temple’s lucky “five-in-one” nuts.
Mr. Ho said the remarkable story of Mr. Lee was well known in Singapore.

Two years ago, bankrupt and with no money to invest, Mr. Lee had traveled to Thailand in pursuit of holy objects that could make him lucky again.
A tour company took Mr. Lee to Wat Sawang Arom, where he met a monk known as "Ajarn Pae". Ajarn Pae gave Mr. Lee a five-nut peanut, telling him to keep it and worship it. This type of nut was very rare in Thailand and was said to make whoever possessed it lucky in business, Ajarn Pae told Mr. Lee.

Nuts in hand, Mr. Lee became increasingly successful in his various ventures, according to Mr. Ho. When he went to a casino, he was extremely lucky, winning hundreds of thousands of coins.

Mr. Lee told his friends his luck was because of the five-in-one peanut, which he kept on a pedestal and worshiped.

When Mr. Ho heard the story, he scoured the markets in Singapore for more five-nut jobs – but to no avail.

Determined to get his hands on one, he flew to Thailand with Malay friend Riharn Ohroon to visit the temple.

The pair met Ajarn Pae, offering him 2,000 baht to rent one of the nuts. They also searched the stalls near the temple, but were disappointed to find nothing better than four-in-ones.

Ajarn Pae told the pair that five-in-ones were rarer than gold. In 20 rai of peanut trees, you might find just one of them, he said.

He added that 20 years ago, a pupil had donated five of them to the temple for safekeeping, saying they brought whoever possessed them great luck in doing trade.

Ajarn Pae told merchants in the area that he would buy the special nuts from them for 50 baht each.
Eventually Ajarn Pae acquired about 70 of them. Today, he has about 50 left after giving some away to pupils and people who had done good works for the temple.
They were not for sale, Ajarn Pae told the two hopeful foreigners. The villagers all knew they were lucky and anyone who found one either kept it or sold it to the temple, he added.

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