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October 13, 2013

【Buddhist Ceremony】October 2013: Fortune & Wealth - 12 Zodiacs Dharma Ceremony

【10/9 - 10/13 Fortune & Wealth - 12 Zodiacs Dharma Ceremony】

"Fortune & Wealth - 12 Zodiacs Dharma Ceremony" will be held on October 9 - 13. Abbots of Wat Makok, Wat Bangkrainai, Wat Ruak, and Wat Kanlad are glad to be invited to host the ceremony.

"Luck" plays a vital role in your life. The trend of one person's development and luck depends on various conditions and factors. Hence the subject of this ceremony is emphasized on the luck-enhancing and wealth-attracting.

Luck-Enhancing: better to be performed between Mid-Autumn Festival and Lunar New Year.
Luck-Activating: better to be performed in spring, the first season of the new year.
Luck-Changing: by changing the atmosphere and mindset, misfortune could be turned into fortune.

Those whose Chinese Zodiac clashes with the Tai Sui of the year in 2014, year of the horse, are people born in the year of the horse, rat, ox, and rabbit. Whether one's zodiac offends Tai Sui or not, it is of great importance to improve the luck. By reversing bad luck into good luck, life will surely become smoother, and wealth will naturally come.

【Event Details】

1. 12-Zodiac Bracelet: made and consecrated by the great monk Kruba Noi, the 12-Zodiac Bracelet blesses people with fortune, wealth, and safety. (Recommended for those whose Chinese Zodiac clashes with the Tai Sui of the year in 2014)

2. Blessing of Buddha amulets: All Buddha amulets could be repurified regardless of its original purchasing stores. BOBI Fortune Shrine welcomes you to bring along your own amulets so that the master could repurify and bless for the amulets to make its power stronger. The repurifying and blessing process could be done simultaneously by more than one master. (Recommeded to repurify and bless once a month.)

3. Charm and attraction stimulation of gold foil: Thai masters would personally stick the 4 pieces of gold foils blessed with mantra power on your forehead, cheeks, and chin, which respectively means the enhancement of influence and fame, charm and popularity, and wealth attraction. (Recommended to do this once a month as the power will not last forever.)

4. Sprinkle of holy water: Wipe off bad luck and misfortune. (Recommended to do it once a month to wipe off all bad fortune.)

5. Tie wealth-grabbing hand-strap: Suitable for those people who want to enhance their wealth fortune. The hand-strap blessed with spell by master could increase the opportunity to make money and keep the earning. Not recommended for people who want to reap without sowing. (People with good financial ability could get rid of it. Keep your good deeds and wealth to the next life.)

6. Change of luck: Released from karmic entanglement, weasels and lawsuits, transform fortune. (Recommended to do once a year. People with weak fortune could do once every 3 months.)

7. Fortune-telling/Tarot Reading: To foresee the coming fortune and escape from bad ones.

【Friendly Reminder from Lucky BOBI】

1. Ongoing powerful forces could improve all aspects of your fortunes.

Please bring your amulets, whether which were from Lucky BOBI or not, to our dharma ceremony which is held every month in order to receive blessing and purification of amulets by master.

Lucky Bobi does not charge for the above mentioned ritual. May the merits of our practice dedicated to all beings around ten spiritual realms, honor the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha, and transfer to all kind-hearted worshippers. May all wishes come true.

Please provide offerings in cash or goods form to master with your own desire to enhance your field of merit. Thank you!

2. BOBI Fortune Shrine has limited space with less than 300 level ground. To avoid from long waiting, please feel free to register in advance.

3. We welcome you to bring your whole family to attend the ceremony and worship the divine Buddhas.

Limited amount of amulets made by masters are given out free to disciples. While supplies last.

Wish You A Peaceful, Healthy, and Wealthy Life!

【Lucky BOBI.Buddhist Shrine in Taiwan】

Address: 8F, No 308, Zhonggang Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City 242
Opening hours: Everyday 9 am - 9 pm
TEL: +886-981817960 or +886-277161030

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