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October 3, 2012


Ganesha is pronounced as “bikanei” in Thai or Ganesha,
the son of Shiva and Parvati. Ganesha has long trunk, a broken ivory,
a pair of ears, big belly and human body.
In Hindu mythologies, Ganesha represents god of success
and deity to get rid of obstacles and devils.
It is also god of wisdom, health and wealth.

Luang Phor Piang's Ganesha

Elephant's head in mythology represents a start of human being
or a place of soul. And the meaning of human being
represents the culture of Maya or earlier evidence of human existence.
Elephant's head represents wise and trunk represents
the first sound of the universe “won”.
Ganesha has four hands. His right hand that holds a scepter meaning human will keep on improving, also removing all difficulties and obstacles.
The Buddhist loop on Ganesha’s left hand can hold-up every bad and good thing. The broken ivory is sacrifice it made for human beings.
Ganesha has big pair of ears so it can hear wishes from human and their pain to set them free.
The snake embraces on its waist represents endless power. 

In Hindu mythology, Ganesha’s mount has a mice.
Its huge body mounting on beside a small mice represents that he is humble and kind.

Myth of Ganesha
        There are many versions of Ganesha’s stories. One of the stories goes that
one day, goddess Parvati was taking bath.
She created a small kid with clay and gifted him life.
She instructed the boy to keep an eye of the surrounding when she is bathing.
At the mean time, her husband Shiva was back from war and he saw this stranger standing outside the room while his wife was taking bath.
He was so angry that he chopped off the boy's head.
Parvati came out after hearing noise and saw the life she had created been killed mistakenly.
After knowing the truth, Shiva felt very regret and he sent his soldier to bring back the head of first seen animal that is sleeping and heading north. 
The first animal the soldier saw was an elephant. So the head of elephant was chopped and brought back to Shiva.
Shiva put the elephant's head on the boy's and gave him life back.
Shiva also gave him army to own highest military and authority power, and blessings.

Another saying of the story was that Pavarti had given birth to a kid not long after Shiva getting out for war fight.The kid had natural super extraordinary power and was very strong.

Symbolism of wisdom
Regardless of which story, Ganesha symbolizes wealth, wisdom, authority, health and success.

In Thai, there are many blessed Ganesha amulets by eminent monks.
You only need to pray sincerely to overcome every obstacles.
It will make the amulets owners contained with knowledge and bringing good luck & blessing.
One will receive unexpected blessings and help from Ganesha with sincere prayer.

Worshiping Ganesha
Ganesha's main function is to pray for wisdom, health and wealth, thus no matter men, women or children will come to pray from him.
The way to wish from Ganesha is somehow different. 
After praying with the incense stick, worshiper has to offer flowers to Ganesha.
The candle is similar to Taiwan's light lantern, lighting up the candle through other candle's flame, signifying a continuity of good luck from one to another.
You can also see many different colors lotus candles. These are to pray for good fortune, avoid disasters & dangers and sign of dedication.

Pray to Ganesha
Another way of praying to Ganesha needs to go through several tests.
First, you need to get permission from Ganesha before you pray for anything using the blessing wooden blocks. If Ganesha says yes, then you can only proceed to ask.
The interpreting of blessing wooden blocks ("bua bue") used is different from the Chinese community like in Taiwan. In Taiwan, if the two wooden blocks with one on front side and the other on reverse side only means that your pray are agreed by the deity.

Wooden blocks with one facing front & one on reverse side

However, in Thai the wooden blocks need both to be on reverse side as sign 
of agreement by deity, which this is known as no comment yet from deity in Taiwan.

Both wooden blocks on reverse side

After getting approval from Ganesha, pray to him sincerely, 
tell him how much of wealth do you want (within your means). 

"If this wish can be fulfilled, please let me hook up this little gold mice using my small thumb."
Nevertheless, if you able to hook it up, you haven't pass the test. You need to tell Ganesha once more and hook the little gold mice for second time. But this time you need to tell Ganesha that your wish will be fulfilled if only you fail to hook it up. Try it after telling him about it. If Ganesha will realize your desire, you won't be able to hook it up this time no matter how hard you try.

After praying, take a packet of holy water beside Ganesha's statue. Sprinkle some on top of head and cloth every day before you get out of home. It can protect you and keep you safe.

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