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December 13, 2012

【Efficacious amulet】 Charming butterfly amulet

Professional billiards placards showgirl Cola had been leaving the post for 2 years.
She said that she was happy to be here again in the billiards venue and saw many old friends.
Everything was still the same and familiar.
Cola could be considered as the first generation of placard showgirl,
and had been working in performance field for around 5 to 6 years.
“Many people had changed their field but I would still want to give a try,
to see if I could have further breakthrough.” she said.

Therefore, she had asked her friend to get her a lucky amulet from Thailand.
It is a buttefly amulet with the front a butterfly image to bring good popularity, fortune and luck.
The back of the amulet has a money-biting spider, which is to keep hold or retain your wealth.
   She also wishes everyone to have good fortune in the coming new year.

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