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December 18, 2012

Seven days (week) Buddha Images

Seven days (week) Buddha Images

There is around 95% of Thai people are Theravada buddhists. 
Beside consecrating the Buddha images in temple, they also worship seven 
days Buddha images. People believe that by consecrating seven days Buddha images, 
his or her life would change better. But how is the saying of this seven days 
Buddha images coming from? 

Before Buddhism was emerged, astrologers in ancient had divided 
seven planets into seven different orientations. Each planet is in-charged by a god. 
Sunday belongs to control of day star (Titan), Monday was by moon control 
(East God) and Tuesday was mars (southeast god), Wednesday by 
Mercury (South God), Thursday by Jupiter (West God), Friday by Venus (North God) 
while Saturday by Saturn (Southwest God). If ones child is born on Saturday, 
he needs to pray for peace from Southwest God which controls the Saturn.

After the emergence of Buddhism, these astrologers had followed Buddha and 
changed the seven planet stars as seven different Buddha images. That was how 
these seven days Buddha images emerged. There was another day Buddha added in 
on Wednesday which is known as “Rahu Day”. Thus there are total 8 
postures of Buddha images. 

Sunday-  Phra Paang Tawai Netr (standing)
MondayPhra Paang Harm Samoot /  Phra Ham Yath  (both palms rise/ single palm)
Tuesaday - Phra Paang Saiyasna (lying)
Wednesday (Day) - Phra Pang Oombaat (arm bowl)
Wednesday (Night) - Phra Paang Palelai (elephant & monkey beside)
Thursday - Phra Paang Nung Samadhi (Meditation)
Friday - Phra Paang Rum Peung (Thinking)
Saturday - Phra Paang Naga Prok (Phra Naprok)

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