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January 21, 2013

【Efficacious Amulets】Mighty Ganesha

Parvati is a very pious worshiper of Ganesha,
one of the deities Indians and Thais worship often.
Whenever encountering difficulties,
Parvati prays to Ganesha for help and does go through everything smoothly.
Parvati doesn't reveal anything to Ganesha. 
He just prays silently in such a tone as talking with seniors or parents.
Parvati's birthday falls on the end of one year. 
As a Thai custom and tradition,
Parvati went to temple to worship on last year’s birthday.
For birthday celebration, Parvati invited Brahma Achan in a Hindu temple to chant.
Brahma Achan said that he would chant 108 Ganeshas,
which exhilarated Parvati because there would be 108 Ganeshas
participating his birthday celebration.
Parvati went to the Hindu temple in the morning.
However, Brahma Achan told him that because that day was a lucky day
and there were someone else coming for a wedding ceremony,
the original appointment had to be postponed to the night.

Parvati didn't mind about having the appointment postponed.
Just wait for a while. Nothing would be missed.
At 9:00PM, Brahma Achan began to chant in front of Ganesha. 
Parvati also had to be seated in front of Ganesha,
and he should sit outside of the temple instead of sitting inside.
After getting seated, Parvati began to make wishes
and felt the love, kind-heartedness, and childlikeness of Ganesha,
the beloved son of the god Shiva and Parvati,a mountain goddess.

After half an hour, the ceremony must come to an end. 
Parvati felt somehow disappointed for not finishing his worshipping,
but he received many offerings like Indian rice, deserts and fruits.
He brought them home joyfully and satisfiedly.
It was the first time he celebrated his birthday with Ganesha and other deities.
He decided to hold his birthday celebration like the one this year if he can.
Parvati found the birthday gift from Ganesha just when he came home.
It was the exact day that lottery was drawn.
The numbers drawn coincided with the temple's phone number
and the chanting fee's receipt number.
Parvati believed that Ganesha bestowed upon him this good luck in wealth,
and will keep bestowing.
This event implied that the God will surely respond to your wish wherever you are.

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