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February 25, 2013

Amulets for People Born in the Year of the Horse


People Born on Sunday
It's suggested to wear Buddha amulets with larger sizes, or those whose names contain the word meaning "largeness;" for example, the "To" in the name "Luang Phor To" and the "Yai" in the name "Luang Por Yai" mean "largeness" in Thai language. 

An amulet with two "Luang Phor To" images, a monk and a Buddha respectively, on both sides.

People Born on Monday
You are compatible with every kind of Buddha amulets, and, to enhance the good fortunes of lives and careers, a pair of wealth fish is a must.

People Born on Tuesday
Recommended: Phra Pang Man Wichai (the name of a posture) amulets, or Phra Pairee Pinard (the name of a specific Thai Buddha)

People Born on Wednesday
Phra Nak Prok amulets could make you blessed for safety good fortune.

For those born on Wednesday night, Phra Pang Palelai amulets shouldn't be worn despite that the correspondent Buddha image for Wednesday night is Phra Pang Palelai.


People Born on Thursday
Recommended: Phra Pidta Yant Yung, a type of Phra Pidta amulet with the back side containing messy Balinese scripts, for the effects of steadiness and harmony.

Phra Pidta Yant Yung with one single script
Phra Pidta Yant Yung with many scripts
(Luang Por Koon 2536 BE)

People Born on Friday
For great wealth fortune, it's suggested to wear one single Buddha amulet. Avoid simultaneously wearing more than one amulet.

People Born on Saturday
Recommended: Phra Pidta with four hands or six hands covering body orifices. The more orifices are covered, the better fortunes will be.

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