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March 10, 2013

【Efficacious Amulets】Purity in soul helps connect to Buddha

Meesuk Jang Misuk, with nickname Kai is the famous news anchor
and TV host in Channel 3 of Thai TV.


The Buddha amulets that she owns are mostly given by her parents.
In Thai traditional concept, parents would give amulets to their children
so the Buddha could protect the children. Kai has the following amulets.
She wears Phra Buddha Chinnarat because she is from Phitsanulok province.
She also owns Somdej Nang Phraya to be respectedand loved by people and enhance her personal charm. Besides that, she has Phra Pairee Pinard
to protect her and turn hostility into friendship. She also wears Luang Pu Thuad
self-image amulet to protect herself and it giver her a sense of security
when driving car. 

Kai believed that people could only live in enrichment if they have
pure and stablility in mind. However, people have always buried
this kind of innermost being in daily life and showed distinct personalities.
If one could always develop his or her own stability in soul, he or she
would look great and full of spirit.    

Kai has strong believe in Buddha efficacious deeds. She said that doing
good deeds and thinking good thoughts would let one has pure and
stability in soul. And make a wish devoutly with this purity in soul
could let one experience the efficacy of Buddha. It helps one
communicates with Buddha and realizes their wish.    


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