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March 6, 2013

【Efficacious amulets】Sincere worship protects from harm

Chatree is the owner of a Bentley auto dealer in Thailand.
He believed in the amazing power of Buddha amulets and he
himself is wearing a Somdej amulet. He also wears many other
amulets but the Somdej amulet from Wat Rakang in pyramid
edition is the main Buddha amulet.

Somdej Wat Rakang Pim Chedi

The reason he started to wear amulet was because he was surrounded
by many professional amulet collectors. He did not only wear superior
grade amulets but also have faith in sacred items made by early phase
masters. He collected all types of sacred items which include amulets,
takrud, clam shell & luksakod...etc. 

Talisman bead

Talisman bead

Avoid disaster shell

He said that he was the same as other amulets collectors.
He is also a Buddhist worshiper and learnt the origin of Buddhism.
When he was young, he always followed his parents to temple paying visit
to Luang Phor. Thus he knew some masters and understood that
benevolence masters are actually sangha. Worshipers could get
close to the masters and worship them in good faith.

We knew that these sangha actually possess amazing power that we
most human don’t have. For instance they could foresee what is
happening now and in future. No matter the sacred items made
empowered by them alone or in group, these sacred items are
efficacious to protect those who own them. If one facing difficulty
in life he or she could get advice from the masters too.
Chatree also said that one has to experience those efficacious
incident themselves to understand it better as it was hard to explain.

Chatree used to travel far to other province or forest and getting
lost at some weird places. However, each time he was able to get
home safely. This was because he would have the amulet with him
each time he was out from home. Once he forgot to wear it but he
insisted to go back home and took it along with him. Or else he
would feel uneasy that day. He also told that people should pray
sincerely to the amulets to receive good outcome. His business
was growing as he prayed with sincere heart. When he went out
to meet his client, they would treat him better. Therefore, he
couldn't lack of Buddha amulets in his life now. 

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