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May 30, 2013

【Thai Temples】Wat Makutkasatriyaram

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Wat Makutkasatriyaram (Thai: วัดมกุฏกษัตริยาราม) is ranked as the 2nd-class royal temple of "Ratchaworawihan" grade.

King Rama IV built Wat Makutkasatriyaram in the vicinity of Wat Somanas Rajavaravihara in the hopes that Rattanakosin (later Bangkok) could be a city resembling the city of Ayutthaya in which temples were built alongside the river. Wat Makutkasatriyaram and Wat Somanas Rajavaravihara were a specific pair of temples.

Wat Makutkasatriyaram was originally called "Wat Nampanya" when the construction was complete, and was changed into the name "Wat Makutkasatriyaram" after the death of King Rama IV, whose name was Makutkasatriyaram.

Two sets of "bai sema" (a kind of boundary stones which designate the sacred area within a Thai Buddhist temple) surround Wat Makutkasatriyaram and Wat Somanas Rajavaravihara. The first set of sema stones stand in the nooks of the temple's wall, while the second set of sema stones encircle the phra ubosot. In temples with two sets of sema stones, religious ceremonies could be held in both.

Images of the emblem of King Rama IV are visible in windows of the phra ubosot and the vihara.


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