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May 8, 2013

【Thai Temples】Wat Samien Naree

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Wat Samien Naree (Thai: วัดเสมียนนารี) was built in BE2400 and granted as Buddhist owned land by King Rama V in BE2420.

The temple was built by a lady in the palace. She was the financial secretary of the royal. Her name was Tan Samian Kham (Tan Samian is the job title, Kham is her name). Later Kham had
passed her job to her daughter, being the financial secretary to King Rama V.

Tan Samian Kham

The original name of Wat Samien Naree was actually Wat Kaerai. Kham and her daughter had spent their lives contributing to the temple, helping to get the financial resource to support the temple. Therefore, as a return to their contributions, the temple was later named as Wat Samian Nari, meaning secretary lady in Thai.

Wat Samien Naree belongs to private built temple. The Religious Department of the Ministry of Education had announced it as the examplary of developed Buddhist temple. 

There are many worship type of Buddha statues for devotees worshiping. For instance, Buddha’s ashes, Phra Sankachai, ganesha etc. 

Phra Borom Saririkkatath (Buddha's relics)

Phra Sankachai

The special thing about the temple is that it has the biggest Phra Setthi Nawagot statue in Thailand, which was built in BE2555 to raise money for temple building.

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