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June 27, 2013

Bia Gae

Bia Gae

The sacred object "Bia Gae" (Thai: เบี้ยแก้) has been around in Thai life since ancient times. With special and distinct efficacy, the making process of a bia gae is also complicated.

Generally, materials for making bia gae include the shell "bia" (cowrie shell) complete with 32 teeth, lead sheet, beeswax, red cloth, mercury, etc.

the shell "bia" (cowrie shell)

Making Process of Bia Gae

"Bia" shell is the basic material, while it is difficult to find this kind of shell in Thailand. In ancient times, bia shells could be got in Chinese-medicine stores, or ordered from Chinese merchants.

Masters making bia gae would practice magical skills to have mercury filled in the shell. Masters must conquer the liquidity of mercury and get the shell tightly sealed with beeswax. Powerful masters were capable of having the mercury enter into the shell automatically. (In old days, to examine if one substance was mercury, one would beat an egg onto it. If it is real mercury, a chemical reaction would take place that the protein in the egg white would absorb the mercury.)

After sealed with beeswax, the shell would be wrapped by consecrated red cloth and lead sheet (or copper sheet). A qualified bia gae should be tested by masters personally.

Main Efficacy of Bia Gae

※Prevention of illusion and hallucination
※Prevention against the disturbance of ghosts and evil beings
※Prevention against witchcraft and black magic
※Prevention from the consumption of poisonous food
※Prevention of weird diseases: get some holy water from temples, and prepare canna flower, ixora flower, incenses, candles, and banana leaves to hold a praying-to-bia-gae ritual. The holy water then could be used to take a bath, for the prevention of weird diseases.
※Protection in warfare: soldiers could wear bia gae on the front side of their bodies to defend against weapons, and, when being chased, wear bia gae on the back side of their bodies. Male royal members and high-rank officials wear bia gae on the left side of their bodies; while female ones wear it on the left side.
※For animals like bulls and horses, bia gae would help them dispel the harmful snakes or leeches


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