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July 5, 2013

【Special Offer】Purchase Phra Trimurti amulet & Get to Enshrine the Love God with Red Roses

【Purchase Phra Trimurti amulet & Get to Enshrine the Love God with Red Roses】

1. Wearing Phra Trimurti amulet and receive blessing from this Love God to help enhancing your love life.

2. For each person who purchase the Phra Trimurti amulet, Lucky BOBI will present 9 red roses to the most efficacious Love God in the world on your behalf.

3. If you were already in a stable relationship, we would help to write your name and your partner's name on the bouquet of red roses presented to enshrine Phra Trimurti, keeping your love everlasting.

4. For the singles, we would write your name and your wishes for love on the red roses bouquet to Phra Trimurti so that you could receive the Love God's blessing and find your true love soon.

5. If you had a favorite someone, we would write your name and his/her name on the bouquet of red roses, to lit up the sparks of love between both of you with blessing from Phra Trimurti.

6. The original purchasing price of this Phra Trimurti amulet made and consecrated by Luang Pu Key from Wat Srilamyong, Thailand is NT.6200.
Now we offer you at NT.2499 and you will receive the amulet and get the chance to enshrine the famous Phra Trimurti shrine in Thailand through us.

You will receive the purchase receipt and the event photograph which we help to present the 9 red roses to Phra Trimurti with card of your name and wishes written on it.

7. Grab this opportunity to receive blessing from Phra Trimurti, the Love God. We wish that everyone lives a happily love life. All are welcomed to purchase the amulet.

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