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October 4, 2013

【Amulets Zone】Phra Nak Prok - Buddha Protected by Naga

1. "Phra Nak Prok", meaning "Buddha Protected by Naga", is the Buddha image for people born on Saturday. "Naga" is the name for a deity, taking the form of a very great snake.

2. Among the notable nagas of Buddhist tradition is Mucalinda, protector of the Buddha. Shortly after his enlightenment, Buddha is meditating in a forest when a great storm arises, but graciously Naga King Mucalinda gives shelter to the Buddha from the storm by covering the Buddha's head with his 7 snake heads.

3. Phra Nak Prok is renowned for effects of the prosperity of careers, safety, protection against disasters, and turning misfortune into fortune, a good choice for the military or the police. Also, people born on Saturday are recommended to wear Phra Nak Prok amulets, the Saturday Buddha image.

4. This Phra Nak Prok amulet was made and consecrated by Luang Phor Sin, the abbot of Wat Lahanyai. "Only people of integrity who have firm belief in the power of Buddha amulets will be blessed and protected by Buddha amulets," said Luang Phor Sin. Welcome to purchase this Phra Nak Prok amulet, the only one left in stock!

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