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September 25, 2012

Buddha Amulets : For Beginners

I believe that most of the people, especially for beginners who want to know more about Buddha amulets, must be confused with overflow information of Buddha amulets in the internet. Thus, I would like to provide some information that beginners must know at first.

The most common thing people will ask is the price of Buddha amulets.
Its price varies according to the year of making, materials, limited edition and master who made it.

So what is your best choice of Buddha amulet?
First, you have to think of the reason and purpose you want to have a Buddha amulet.
List out the amulets which fulfill your elements. Then choose the one that you feel comfortable with and worship price that suits your expectation.

Wearing a Buddha amulet is mainly to let one feeling calm in soul, enhance self-confidence and sense of security, and also avoid from dangers. It is impossible for you to have more worry after wearing the amulet.
As long as your heart is pure, the amulet you are wearing would be pure too. However if you have bad intention, the amulet will fear of you, not to mention to bless you anymore.

Three sources of Buddha amulets:
1. Commemorative Buddha amulets from temples
2. Special made Buddha amulets for temples rebuilt, Buddha's making or promotion of temples visibility.
3. Buddha amulets made by amulets stores.

In the making process of Buddha amulets, the eminent monks will collect all the materials in advance. Some of the materials are hard to obtain.
Basically the materials included herbs, sacred soil, scripture powder, powder of Bodhi tree and etc.
It depends on each master's preference.

The power of Buddha amulets is primarily from scriptures. And the power of  scriptures depend on the strength of eminent monks. The monks will grind and pave the materials repeatedly while chanting to infuse power into materials. It may take a day, ten days, fifty days or even hundred days for the process until the monks think it is sufficient. For metal made Buddha amulets, the monks will write scriptures on the copper sheet and keep chanting until the making of amulet is done.

The increase and decrease of an amulet's power depends on the person who wear the amulet. A person who always has good deeds will be protected and blessed by the amulet mysteriously. Other than people in Thai, people from foreign countries such as Hong Kong, China, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan are very supporting too.

Taboos of wearing Buddha amulets
  1. Do not place your amulet below waist, including inside your pocket.
  2. Take off the amulet before taking bath, to prevent damage of amulet.
  3. Do not wear the amulet while having sexual relationship.
  4. Do not do bad things or saying bad words. It will bring triple bad karma consequences.
  5. Place it on clean place, home auspicious or higher location if you are not wearing it.
  6. According to ancient story, you must wear the amulet in odd numbers. Eg. 1, 3, 5, 7...etc.

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