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September 25, 2012

Types of Buddha Amulets

          There must be a lot of doubts to beginners who want to get Buddha amulets for worshiping since there are so many types and choices of Buddha amulets in the market.
After the brief introduction about Buddha amulets in the last post, I will provide deeper information about these sacred Buddha amulets.
First of all, I would like to introduce some often seen types of Buddha amulets. More stories of these different types of amulets will be introduced in later posts.

         Thai Buddha amulets are divided into two groups: the authentic & the black magic type.
The difference between these two types are their making materials and sources.
The authentic type basically is made by eminent monks or monks in temples. Its materials are taken from the nature, such as pollen, sacred soil, scripture powder, incense ash, clay etc. Some can be easily found and some are hard to get.
For the black magic type, the making materials including bone ash, corpse oil etc. It is made by master or black magician(gong tau).

There goes a saying that wearing the authentic type of Buddha amulet, its effects are more steady. While the black magic type's effects are faster.
However, there are some important things to aware if you wear a black magic type amulet.
You are advised to think twice before taking a black magic type of amulet.

Below are some common seen Buddha amulets in the market.


1. Somdej (King of Thai Buddha amulets) -  
    flourish business, bring wealth, good luck,  
    ward off the evil, enhance interpersonal 
    relations and help in career.

2. Phra Pidta - its appearance can be 
    divided into two hands, four hand hands or  
    eight hands,  to ward off the evil, avoid from 
    dangers and prevent from villain.

3. General Khun Paen - bring good 
     interpersonal relation especially to attract 
     the opposite sex, avoid dangers and keep 
     safe from harm.

4. Ganesha - attract wealth, transform luck, be wisdom, 
                         helpful in study. 

5. Goddes of Wealth (Nanguat) - fortune in 
    wealth, keep safe from harm, help in career. 

6. Butterfly amulet - attract opposite sex & 
    savior in life, help in business, increase 
    personal charm.

7. Er Ge Feng - attract wealth & easy money 
    (gambling luck), flourish store business.

8. Rahu - prevent villain, ward off the evil 
    spirit, avoid black magic.

9. Hanuman - symbolizes authority, people who wear it will be 
     loved & respected, avoid disasters & dangers, make oneself 
     more energetic.

These are just shallow introduction of types of Buddha amulets int he market. The detailed info will be revealed in the next post.

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