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September 26, 2012

General Khun Paen

Khun Paen is a historical hero of Thailand.
He was a well-known warrior with powerful magical power. Many women were attracted to him and fell in love with him, despite knowing that he had many wives.
However, his wives lived together in harmony.

Therefore, Khun Paen amulet is used to increase one's popularity and charm, and also attracting the opposite sex.

One of Khun Paen's wives was a neighbor country's general's daughter. Once, Khun Paen received command to attack that neighbor country. His wife begged him not to attack her country but Khun Paen refused to do so since it was an military order.
Thus his wife tend to put poison in Khun Paen's food. However, with protection of god he was not poisoned as he is incarnation of god.

Khun Paen was angry with his wife and he killed her. He didn't know that her wife was pregnant that time.
Thus he took the fetus and made it as dry bones, transformed it into a small amulet. He chanted magic spells into it to invoke powerful spirit. This amulet is known as Kumantong.

Khun Paen amulet is used  to ward off eveil spirits, avoid disaster, increase popularity especially attracting the opposite sex.

The earliest image of Khun Paen was in Buddha appearance, with sharp-shaped fire on top of head, right hand touching the ground, and left hand on thigh, bare right shoulder and two sticks of pillars at his back.
Khun Paen is also commonly known as metta Buddha or courtship Buddha. It can enhance one's interpersonal relationship, and attract opposite sex. However, its facial expression is decent and helps the wearer be safe from harm.

The Legend of Khun Paen in Blockbuster
Last 2 years, Thai movie industry had invested in a blockbuster, telling about Khun Paen's lifetime story. There are love and war plots in the story. 

Khun Paen had love affairs in everywhere but there would be ladies always willing to sacrifice their lives for him when he was in danger. There are a lot of war scenes in the movie and thus it cost a huge amount. Khun Paen's weapon is a sword made by steel. He also adopted a ghost child who had magic and can fly in the sky. 
This movie had caused a stir in Thai during its showing time, and heat up the martial art films in Thai. Consequently, the amulet shops operators in Thai made the Khun Paen's statue for worshiping after discovering all the Thai citizens love Khun Paen so much. Therefore, the Khun Paen amulet that we see now, most of them are different from the one with Buddha appearance we used to see. It has changed into human appearance. Even some has two swords on his back, and two beautiful ladies accompany him.

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