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September 27, 2012


Somdej, is the origin of Theravada Buddhism. Its amulet power is the most complete one among all deities. People in Thai believe that wearing somdej amulet can receive complete blessings, enhance one's luck and self-cultivation, calm and purify our soul.

Somdej has the name of "King of amulet", also known as "life-saving amulet", as its fundamental is to insure life safe.
Somdej is also one of the five vintage amulets in Thailand, the first choice for worshipers and collectors.

Somdej can protect one's safety, avoid dangers, help to improve one's charm, make things go smooth.
Poeple who wear somdej can get the protection with good thought in heart.

Made by Achan Dou
From history point of view,  the earliest made somdej was from Wat Rakang, known as "King of amulets" in Bangkok's early kingdom, and made by Achan Dou from BE2410 to BE2414. 

There was another saying that one day when Achan Dou was meditating, he heard of his master's voice telling him to watch the sunrise at beach as tomorrow's sunrise would be a special one.
Therefore, Achan Dou went to the beach the next day. Before the day turned bright, there was a white light shining through from east side. The light then turned into a Buddha statue glowing in white light. Achan Dou was delighted till he was dropping tears. This sunny type Buddha will surely bring happiness and safety. Achan Dou bowed and then left.
Since then Achan Dou started to make somdej amulets. 

Materials needed
The materials needed to make somdej include temple holy soil, incense ash, hair from eminent monk, grains and eminent monk's relic. Later the monks will chant in the religious assembly. Thai's somdej amulet does not have face. Its dharma seat has 3 layers, signify the three-world of heaven, earth and human. There are some with 5, 7 or 9 layers. In this recent 6-70 years, there are even 11 or 13 layers found in the somdej.

Three generations of somdej with mythical creatures
Most of you should be familiar with Luang Phor Parn's mythical creature amulets.
LP  Parn  was born in BE2418 and passed away in BE2481 at age 63. He had made three generations of somdej amulets with mythical creatures. 

The 1st generation was made during BE2450 to BE2452. The number was limited and only given to master's close lay disciples, thus hard to be found in the market. 
The 2nd generation was made around BE2455, with a small hole at the bottom of the amulet and stuffed with LP  Parn 's scripture powder. While the 3rd generation was made between BE2460 and BE2475, and divided into two phases. Difference between the two was the scriptures on both sides of the Buddha's head. The earlier phase scripture was in single line while the later was with double lines. Anyway both had small hole on top of Buddha's head filled up with master's scripture powder.
The type we often see in the market now is the 3rd generation one.
Luang Phor Parn's amulets with mythical creatures include Garuda, Hanuman, fish, bird, fighter cock and porcupine. Each type of it has 4 molds.

Somdej sitting on cock: enhance one's charm & wealth, suitable for intermediaries, sales people, lecturers and performing art workers.

Somdej on fish: enahance business dealings. 

Somdej on bird: this symbolizes prosperity and avoid from disasters, suits for people in agriculture industry or breeding related field

Somdej on Hanuman: symbolizes fortune of officialdom & gain, fits for general office workers to keep and wear it, helps those who would disburse, and getting more promotion opportunity from others or boss.

Somdej on porcupine: symbolizes to avoid from dangers & disasters, fits for people who always have contact with forest or dangerous job.

Somdej on garuda: symbolizes prestige power, can enhance one's leadership & convincing ability, to be respected by subordinates.

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