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October 25, 2012

All wealth come from Benevolence

“All wealth come from Benevolence”

By: Luang Phor Sakorn (MaaNunYoo)

From: Wat Nongkrab

Benevolence is the good faith coming from heart whole-heartedly, a bona fide to help people sincerely. The sincerity and kindness regardless from inner or external without any malicious or bad intention, is what we called as mercy.

Before the birthday event of Luang Phor Sakorn on 3rd Feb BE2554, committee and disciples of Wat Nongkrab had requested LP Sakorn to make this batch of egg-shaped amulets, as fund to renovate the temple. LP Sakorn named it “The Great Wealth”, symbolizes happiness and auspiciousness to bring wealth.

The great wealth comes from benevolence. 

The inner part of the amulet is egg-shaped. The front side is the facial image of Luang Phor Sakorn. At the back is the signature of Luang Pu Tim.
It is named as “The Great Wealth comes from Benevolence”.

The amulet is in flower shape, refers to the fruition. In the middle is LP Sakorn in meditation posture. The back part of the amulet is carved with scripture and materials made according to Luang Pu Tim’s amulet.

This amulet made by LP Sakorn with his own facial image can bring good fortune & wealth, ward off evil spirits and help in career success.

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