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October 30, 2012

Temples: Thai Temple- Wat Phrathat

There are temples everywhere in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Each of the temple has its own historical stories and cultural characteristics.
Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep is one of the top temples known by visitors.
Its location was chosen by white elephant and built by the royal. Its a temple full of legend.
Wat Phrathat is also known as Wat Suthep, its located in west Chiang Mai, mounted on sea level above 3250 feet. 

To reach the temple, you have to climb up 306 steps of staircase, or reach by cable car.
From the legend, Ceylon monks had brought a few Buddha relics into Thailand.To prevent the relics from stolen, the monks decided to put the relics on top of white elephant, and depended on the white elephant to choose a blessed land to build temple for enshrining the relics.The white elephant was loitering at random and get on the ground at the current location of Wat Phrathat.People then built the temple over there.It was said that there are two golden dragons guarding at both side of the mountain, and therefore it is called as Wat Phrathat.

Built in 16th century Christian era and being renovated few times, Wat Phrathat is said that very efficacious and attracted many worshipers to come over  

Glittering Wat Phrathat pagoda, 22 meters high.

 Place for worshipers to draw ballots. There are 2 Buddha statues with a box for worshipers' donation at each side.

There are three treasures in Wat Phrathat: 
1)Enshrinement of Siddhartha Gautama relics.
2)Crystal lotus gifted by King Rama IX, surrounded by braided gems donated by people and placed on the top of pagoda. 
3)Siddhartha Gautama's statue at the main hall.

This green Buddha statue is made by jade. In this picture is Emerald Buddha for worshiping.


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