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November 8, 2012

【Efficacious amulet】: Miraculous story of Khun Paen amulet

Testimonial from

Wang, boss of five used car dealers shops in Chiayi, will inspect to these five branches every day.
On 3rd Oct 2012, after he had got himself a General Khun Paen amulet, 
he went to patrol the branches as usual.
Every shop he went would have one case traded when he was there. 
When he reached the forth branch, he wanted to test whether it was 
because of the Khun Paen amulet he was wearing.
Thus he took off the amulet and left it in his car when he went to the fifth branch.
He saw two groups of customers were asking inside the branch. 
However the customers left saying wanted to consider first.
No cases were successfully traded.
Later, Wang went to his car and wore the amulet back. 
He went back to the branch making tea and chatting with the branch manager.
While he was still chatting with the manager, one of the groups of customers 
had returned to the shop and buy. The car was successfully traded.
It proved that the Khun Paen amulet had brought these miracle happenings.

Wang's mother has the habit of buying lotteries.
One day morning, Wang saw 5 numbers and he liked the numbers very much. 
He wrote down the numbers and planned to ask his mother to help him buying the numbers.
However, he forgot to tell his mother about it. When he went out in that evening, 
he also forgot to wear the Khun Paen amulet.
When he returned home at night, he only realized it was too late 
to buy the lottery since it had already closed.
The 5 numbers he had written down was putting together with the Khun Paen amulet.
During the draw of lotteries, his mother was shocked to see 
that the winning numbers were totally same with the 5 numbers Wang had written.

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