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November 23, 2012

【Efficacious amulet】I Am Grand Prize Winner!

I Am Grand Prize Winner!

Worshiper:Miss Lo  Amulet:Salika bird   Occupation:Graphic designer

I did not know much about amulets at the beginning. After I checked on
some information about salika bird, I felt interested and then got myself one.
Around Oct last year, I received my first salika bird amulet (Code: BDL001).

Although I had no idea how efficacious is this salika bird amulet,
but I always hoping that good luck is coming to my way.
One day, I saw that the chain store 7-11 had held an "check-in" acitivity.
The grand prize is a HTC Sensation mobile phone. I gave a try to
take part in the activity. I was looking forward to the result when the
first round of  winner list was out. However I did not see my name on it.
I was disappointed when I did not find my name there. Anyway, I was
still expecting on the second round result. When the winner list of
2nd round was out, it was so unbelievable to see that I was the grand prize winner!
I was so excited to win the prize. I believed that the salika bird had brought
me this good luck as I had never won any big prize like this. It might be
also that my prayers worked and had faith in the amulet at the same time.
I just want to share my joy with all of you, that even someone like me
who have no winning luck will still have chance to win.

Below are some photos regarding the competition and winning information:  

1. 7-11 City Café coffee corner check in activity

2. 7-11’s website winners list (I am the grand winner in 2nd round)

Source:Provided by Miss Lo (Worshiper)

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