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November 30, 2012

【Efficacious amulet】Miracle Under Thunder Strike

  Mr.Prayut Sudyod and his wife Mrs.Saythong Sudyod are construction
workers from Phichit, Thailand.
On 28th Sept, they went to work as usual. But the weather was very
bad and had been raining for whole day. It was raining cats and dogs
and thunder started to strike.Both of them and two other workers
had run to labor lodge to hide from the heavy rain and loud thunder.
All of them could hardly imagine that they would be hitted by the
thunder strike under the steel lodge.
All of them felt numb after being hitted.
However, Mrs Saythong condition was the worst.
The thunder seemed had a direct hit on her and her cloth was on fire.
It caused her waist had severe burns and became unconscious.

Four of them were sent to hospotal for medical check.
However, Mrs. Saythong was the most serious among them.
The doctor needed to have emergency first aid on her first.
While the others just needed to rest for a while and recovered.
When they were still worrying about Mrs. Saythong, the doctor
told them that she was already fine and could go home after resting a while.
They felt unbelievable as they saw her body burnt and fell
unconscious after the thunder strike. It was impossible that she was fine.

After the incident, many media came to interview them.
Mr and Mrs Sudyod believed that the paramita amulet by
Luang Pu Ngen had saved and protected them.
The local media had reported about this news with extensive
coverage and local people were amazed by the news.


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