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November 30, 2012

【Efficacious amulet】Sexy artist, Alina's earning soared high

Sexy star Alina is advancing her performing career to China market in April.
She took up the host role of a TV talk show from CETV, with monthly earning 
around 350 thousand Taiwan dollars. She seldom shows up in Taiwan. However, 
recently she had come to Taiwan and told that she had changed a new artist manager. 
And she even received 20 TV programs invitations in two weeks. 
Her wealth fortune is rolling on her way.

She told the audience that she is wearing butterfly amulet by Kruba Krissana 
from Thailand. The butterfly amulet had brought her wealth.
Thai's amulets are popular in China & Hong Kong.
According to news report, Hong Kong artist Nicholas Tse and 
Cecilia Cheung are also faithful believers to Thai amulets.

Alina also said that it was a performing friend from China that first 
owned the amulet. Within 2 weeks she already met a rich boyfriend. 
She felt that the effect of amulet was very good and thus introduced  it to Alina.
However, Alina told that she does not need the love fortune, 
she wears it to enhance her career and wealth fortune.

The amulet Alina got was given free to her. She said she was not believe in these, 
therefore it was impossible for her to spend money on it to buy the amulet.
Her friend then gave the amulet to her free.
Unexpectedly, after wearing the amulet her TV show ratings soared high. 
Both her love and career are getting smooth.
In previous, she needed to show her 13cm cleavage, but now she only needs 2cm. 
What troubled her was that the amulet could not be in contact 
with water and could not place under waist position. 
Thus she has to hold it on her hand during the show and that makes her feels safe.


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