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December 1, 2012

【News】Model's first choice amulet

Model's first choice amulet

 Catwalk's model Agnes had got herself a Phra Phrom amulet, 

hoping to get smooth development in all aspects.
In Thailand and Hong Kong, many people own Buddha amulets. 
At the beginning, the amulets were distributed by Thai monks to local 
people as a kind of appreciation by helping in building the temples etc.
 Thereafter, besides of the monks, many other empowered people 
like Yakushi, immortals or black magician also made amulets, using 
materials from pollen, relics, holy soil, gemstones, gold, silver and others. 
During the making process of amulet, it is chanted and kneaded 
repeatedly over hundred times by the creator. It needs abut 10 days to a year. 
After that, the amulet is empowered by eminent monks. Then the amulet is done.
Many people love to wear amulets. They can choose the type of amulet 
that is suitable in line with their needs. Many famous artists and models 
also wear amulets, such as the butterfly amulet to improve their 
relations with people and fortune.

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