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December 3, 2012

【News】Keep amulet in bra to enhance romantic encounter

Popularity and romantic encounter of Julie Lin(Right) and Ashley Wang(left) 
increased after wearing Thai amulets.

Highly competitive environment in supermodel field has blown up many 
different kind of ways to increase the models popularity and their own 
romantic encounter, such as wearing dzi beads, crystal, tying red thread etc. 
The recent  popular way of doing so is by wearing Buddha amulets.
Julie Lin from EeLin Modeling Agency was worried of her romantic encounter 
when her favorite amulet was taken by Ashley Wang.

The new era models Julie Lin and Ashley Wang have surged in popularity, 
their event invitations are almost equal to their senior Patina Lin and Shatina Chen. 
Some say that Julie Lin is lovely and lively while Ashley Wang is sexy black beauty. 
Both of them have their own characteristics which should be stand out. 
There is rumor that both the beauties always seek for places to pray to seek for their limelight. 
Not long ago they were advised by expert and spent 5000TWD 
to buy Buddha amulets for good fortune.

Talking about the process of knowing about the amulets, Julie Lin said that 
it was because of Kate(model)'s sister is having an amulet which can 
attract more romantic encounters. Both Julie and Ashley love the amulet 
very much and curious about it when first saw it. Thus they had asked Kate's 
sister to tell them where to get it. 

Julie and Ashley had found the shop where the amulet is sold.
The seller told them the amulets were all from Thailand. Both of them 
decided to get one to see if it could bring good fortune.

" Coincidentally Julie and I wanted the same amulet. But the seller couldn't 
decide whom to sell. Thus he let us throw the blessing wooden blocks 
("bua bue"), to see who is the predestined person. Julie was kind enough 
to concede and I had thrown 3 times of the blessing wooden blocks. 
Finally I got the amulet."said by Ashley Wang.

Ashley pointed to her amulet and said that there are different design 
of amulets which also carry different meaning. The amulet she has is 
butterfly amulet which can help in attract romantic encounter and enhance popularity.

"My fortune has become better. I had gone abroad three times in this 
month for work and all are my favorite type of jobs." Ashley added.

"I felt sorry to Julie as she didn't get one amulet for herself. However, 
after few days she went to buy another amulet which can enhance career and eloquence."

It was told that Julie keeps her amulet inside her bra to make it more powerful. 
Julie explained that she did that as she needs to wear less in some catwalk shows.
 It is to prevent the amulet looks not match with her clothes. Therefore, 
her boss suggested her to pin it inside her bra. So the amulet won't affect the overall image.

Source: Republished from Chinatimes report

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