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December 8, 2012

【Efficacious amulet】Love Guardian - Phra Trimurti

Love Guardian - Phra Trimurti

I would like to share my experience about Phra Trimurti. 
If you would like to find your true love or someone who would treat you good, 
Phra Trimurti can certainly help you. I am assured of that because I was 
one of the people blessed by Phra Trimurti.

Many devotees believe that Phra Trimurti can fulfill your love wish. 
Phra Trimurti has been the equal sign to love. I went to the 
Central Market in Bangkok when I heard that there is Phra Trimurti at there.

I followed the steps to worship Phra Trimurti and made my wish. 
I am type of person who pursue for love, but my lover has yet to appear. 
I hoped that Phra Trimurti could help me find my true love. 
In less than a month, I met the destined him. Till now we have been 
together for more than five years. Our love have been smooth during this period. 
To thank Phra Trimurti's blessing, I had been to Central Market 
to return my wish with gratitude. Its efficacious had impressed me till now.

Phra Trimurti
Phra Trimurti has the most noble status in Brahmanism. Phra Trimurti is a combination form of three prominent deities of Hinduism, which are Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva that contain high power to bless people who do good deeds. 

Belief of Phra Trimurti
Most of the Thais believe that Phra Trimurti is the god that prays for love and luck. Many teenagers who have love troubles or looking for true love would worship Phra Trimurti.

Worship methods
Prepare 9 roses, a bunch of roses string, 9 red joss sticks, a red candle stick (for those who have no target, hoping to find another half or  prefered person) or a pair of red candle sticks (have partner but wish to heat up relationship or have closer contact ) . You can also prepare some fruits but priority in red color. 
The best time to worship is 9.30am and 9.30pm every Thursday.

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