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December 5, 2012

【Efficacious amulet】Lucky Kumantong

Lucky Kumantong

I had worshiped a Kumantong. There was a user manual when I bought it,saying that we need to acknowledge the Land God the Kumantong will stay together. 
However, I had an urgent outing thus I did not do any of the rituals.

When I got back home, it was already 11pm. Not long after I laid down, I heard door knocking sound. 
It was weird that I couldn't see anyone out there. Then I went back for sleep. 
After a while, I heard the same knocking sound. This time I was sure the 
sound was coming from my door. I thought that it must be someone’s prank. 
When I woke up and about to scold, I vaguely saw someone about my chest 
height standing near the door and looking at me. But I sill haven’t open the door. 
I was afraid to know what was that and had been in stalemate for 
a long time with it. I fall asleep without noticed. 

In my dream, I heard door knock again. I opened the door naturally. Someone from other side seemed to rush in and I subconsciously stopped it from coming in. Then suddenly I heard someone saying 
"Please let me stay with you. Is that okay?". 
Then I was awake. I looked around and there was no one. And I saw the Kumantong 
at my bedside. Then I only realized that my Kumantong couldn't get in the house. 
Thus he had come in my dream to notice me about it. 

In early morning, I lighted joss sticks and asked permission from the Land God for 
Kumantong to stay with us together. Its been a month since I brought it home. 
My business, love and wealth fortune are smooth. I don't have to worry about 
food and clothing. I guess it must be the good fortune brought by Kumantong.


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