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December 6, 2012

【Efficacious amulets】Customized amulets for different functions

Panu is a police. He is also a Buddha amulets collector. 
He is very particular in which amulet to wear according to his daily job scope. 
He will choose the suitable amulet to wear for his daily routine. 
For instance, if that day he is doing office work, he would wear 
more literal type of amulet, with different patterns of Somdej as main amulet, 
Phra Soom Kor(Picture 1) or Luang Pu Sud's amulet as the secondary amulet.
Picture 1(Reference picture)
When he is on fieldwork, he would wear "martial" type of amulet like 
Luang Pu Thuad's amulet. To enhance career fortune and to be promoted, 
Panu suggested to wear Luang Pu Boon's "Phra Nam salonda"
(พระหลวงปู่บุญ ปางนางสะดุ้งกลับ) (Picture 2) amulet, somdej or Phra Soom Kor etc. 
If he is taking a trip or take plane, he would wear Luang Pu Thuad 
and Luang Pu Dun's takrud.
Picture 2(Reference picture)
There is a reason behind all these. Panu said that he would choose 
which amulet to wear as he had an experience of where one day 
his colleagues were arguing for small matter when he wore the "martial" 
type of amulet to work. Thereafter he wore the "literal" type 
of amulet and there were no more quarrels in work. Types 
of "martial" amulets Panu had are shown in pictures below.
               Picture 3(Reference picture)   Picture 4(Reference picture)    Picture 5(Reference picture)

Source: คมชัดลึกออนไลน์

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