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December 25, 2012

【Week Buddhas】Thursday - Phra Paang Nung Samadhi

 5. Thursday- Phra Paang Nung Samadhi 

"The Meditating Buddha" (Paang Nung Samadhi) in a sitting pose is a reminder 
of the classic posture for meditation. The full lotus with both soles upward and visible, 
the hands resting in the lap, right above left with all fingers extended, palms upward. 
In this position, some meditators feel the body is receptive to energy entering through 
the top of the head and through the open palms.
Buddha was enlightened with eighty-four thousand Buddhist doctrines. 
He was in meditating position, looking calm and kind.

Lucky colors: Furniture & decorations with yellow color while subcolors are blue, red, green. 
Avoid using black, blue black or dark blue color.

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