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January 25, 2013

【Efficacious Amulets】Continuous Promotions

Yuthasak Sasiprapha had served as Deputy Prime Minister in the cabinet of Prime Minister Yingluck. With a 50-year experience of Buddha amulets collection, he wears three amulets most often. The first one is Phra Rod Lamphun, invincible in every Buddha amulet competition, and has been worn by Yuthasak for five decades. He honors greatly the master making this amulet, who owns remarkable magical skills and does many good works.

Yuthasak also wears Phra Somdej, Wat Rakang, the large edition. He recalled that he had been wearing Buddha amulets for three years since posted as Director General but had no chance to be promoted as deputy minister. His wife and mother-in-law enshrined a Phra Somdej, Wat Bang Khun Prom, an amulet from an old Buddhist niche, which was unlocked by his father-in-law personally who handed him the amulet.

Yuthasak, after wearing Phra Somdej from the old niche, made a wish that he wouldn't wear new amulets if he could be promoted as deputy minister. Six months later he became the deputy minister indeed and didn't put on other amulets as promised.

The third amulet Yuthasak wears most frequently is Phra Pidta, Luang Por Khaw, Wat Khrueawan of Chonburi Province. He was a captain in army when consecrating this amulet. He has a liking for sacred objects of Luang Por Khaw which makes him a pleasant one everywhere. Adoring sacred objects and Luang Por Khaw, he maintains the wearing of this Phra Pidta amulet.

Yuthasak specifically pointed out that he's been wearing the three amulets from the period of Deputy minister, Minister of Defence, to Deputy Prime Minister. A personal habit, wearing amulets also indicates his piety to Buddhism. Amulet-wearers must think and behave uprightly and devote themselves to the country, the religion, and the king, because amulets embody Buddha's spirit.

Reference: Phra Pidta, Luang Por Khaw

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