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January 16, 2013

【Efficacious Amulets】Good Luck Brought By Amulets

Chotisak Asapaviriya, former chairman of Airports of Thailand Public Co., Ltd.
is a collector of Buddha amulets,
among which the Phra Pidta amulet is his favorite one.
His father had an influence on his interest in amulet collection.
Since wearing the Phra Pidta amulet,
he has quite often experienced good luck and, at times, wealth luck.
Most of the amulets he wears are made from Luang Phor Khao and Luang Pu Yam.

Story Sharing
 On a bitter cold day in about the year 2533 BE, Chotisak said,
he arrived in Chiang Rai, the province of northern Thailand.
He pitied an old man peddling lottery tickets alongside the road,
and bought from him a copy of lottery tickets.
When the winners were announced, he won the 3rd, 4th, and 5th prizes.
At another time, his car broke up in front of a police station.
While awaiting the car repairs , he met an old woman selling lottery tickets,
from whom he bought 10 pieces of lottery tickets all ended with the number 00.
He was joking to his subordinates that he had little chance to win these lottery tickets
and asked them to share the expenses, only to be rejected.
He was told by the old woman that he could change other numbers
if he disliked the original ones;
however, the other lottery tickets she took out still ended with "00."
Amazingly, "00" was exactly the winning number.

Chotisak also mentioned other efficacious effexperices.His father felt quite uneased when he, the youngest child in his family,was studying for Master of Studies in Business in Portland state University, Origon.Chotisak's father seemed to foresee an accident and had him wear 25 Buddha amulets.One day his car was collided with a trailer after he drove out.The car was almost squashed and on fire.Coincidentally, or miraculously, in front of the door of a fire bureauthe car stopped sliding, which firefighters were able to immediately extinguish the fire.Witnesses of the accident firstly thought him without any chance to escape the misfortune,but in the end everything did come out safe and sound.

Similar stories also happened in Thailand.
One day he fell asleep while driving and his car was almost bumped into the roadside.
All of a sudden he seemingly heard Luang Pu Thuat's voice to wake him up
that he had his car veered to avoid a possible accident.
It is believed the mercy of Luang Pu Thuat.

Luang Phor Derm amulet coin, 2482 BE.

Her daughter once wore the Luang Phor Derm amulet coin (2482 BE) to school but lost it.
Chotisak made a wish to Luang Phor Derm that the amulet would be retrieved.
Eventually he did find it.

At the beginning of marriage, Chotisak went to pray to Luang Phor Sothorn
for having a son, and his wish came true.
But after that three daughters came one after another
probably because of the absence of his worship.
Chotisak made a conclusion that the grace of each deity is efficacious
and as a result there is never a lack of disciples. 

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