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January 16, 2013

【Efficacious Amulets】Way to Success

"Talent might help you become successful soon, but will be left unhelpful if lacking of continued hark work," a conclusion made by Teacher Siripin Pinsiri and often told to singing-lovers.

Pinsiri is a musician, a music teacher for three decadesan author of books about singing lessons, and the head of Siripin School Of Music And Dance. Pinsiri said his success should be all attributed to Ganesha, a deity actors and artists must worship.

The Ganeshas usually worshipped by Pinsiri come from Bali Island, Indonesia, where is regarded as a sacred place of Buddhism. Some of his Ganeshas are from religious assemblies of masters, and have undergone consecration ceremonies. In Thailand, Ganesha is considered to be the Lord of learning and protection against adversity, often worshipped by those who hope for a successful business. Ganesha plays an important role in all Hindu religion
and exists in temples mainly consecrating Shiva, Brahmam or Narayana. Of high position, importance, capability, intellect, morality, protection against adversity, and filial piety, all of the above are attributes for which Ganesha is known. A great deity, Ganesha is modest without being arrogant.

Ganesha is highly revered for his whole virtues in the music industry and show business. Pinsiri, as a child, and his friends liked collecting Buddha amulets, most of which were demanded from or exchanged with his relatives. Emerald Buddha amulets and Ganesha amulets are his preferences.

Emerald Buddha                                                Ganesha

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