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January 24, 2013

【Efficacious Amulets】Interest Helps Bring Wealth

Professor Niphat Jitprasong is the chairman of real estate management program in Thammasat University, and the executive committee chairman of Siam City Bank Public Co., Ltd.He develops himself from an amateur of Buddha amulets into a connoisseur.

Professor Niphat said his interest in the collection of Buddha amulets began in his university years, about 2504 BE. Every time going to school he passed through the amulet market of Wat Mahathat (now moved to Tha Phra Chan Market), saw lots of connoisseurs of amulets, and longed for owning amulets himself.He didn't pay great attention to the collection of Buddha amulets until after he graduated in 2508 BE. He learned in the amulet market of Wat Mahathat by himself without any help from reference books about Buddha amulets, which were not commercially available until after 2510 BE.
In the beginning, he consulted the preliminary of amulet appreciation with friends, and often talked with or asked for enshrining Buddha amulets from experts, who would teach him how to have an appreciation of amulets. At that time he was studying for a master's degree and only got paid $2000, which were all dedicated to enshrining Buddha amulets.

He later knew Mr. Zhuang, a connoisseur of Buddha amulets, and learned from him. Learning and enshrining Buddha amulets, Niphat even grew the capability of assisting others in enshrining excellent amulets. Niphat said he has had a beautiful life since becoming a connoisseur of Buddha amulets. After his wife gave birth to their child, at night he looked into amulets while looking after the child. He felt serene and concentrated when studying on the material and the fine or poor quality of amulets.

He worked hard as well on the study of many different types of Phra Rahu and Bhaisajyaguru amulets. He has made money from this interest.Niphat also said he has a deep belief in the efficaciousness of Buddha amulets. While praying for the blessing from amulets, he said,
we should also be kind-hearted and do good works.

Whatever he wishes will come true; for example, one year he hoped and did come out the first of his grade in Thammasat University. Aside from making wishes, your own fortune (whether good or bad) still depends on what you've done.

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