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March 17, 2013

【Efficacious Amulets】Amulets saved Glowing Newborn Thai Artist

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Amm (Real name: Patiyya Wirojsaengpratip) is the new and young artist inThailand. He is young but he loves to wear Buddha amulets and other sacred objects such as takrud. This new born young artist was a graduate of Suan Duat Rajabhat University from Bachelor of Arts in Airline Business.

Amm’s father is an amulets collector and he knows the importance of amulets and sacred items and the reason of why the elder generation made amulets. Therefore, Amm would enshrine and wear the amulet everyday before he goes out from home.
Amulets that Amm wears include Phra Somdej Wat Bang Khun Prom Pim Yai, nine sacred monks & nine King Ramas coin from Wat Suwannaphum,Suphan Buri Province, and meanwhile two takruds length 2.5 inches with one wrapped in gold and another in silver which were unknown of their makers as they were too old. Amm had hooked the four amulets together in a white gold necklace.

Reference picture: Phra Somdej Wat Bang Khun Prom 

Reference picture: 9 scared monks & 9 King Ramas coin

Amm said he is a Buddhist and always see his father collecting amulets.
He knows that amulets are the reliance of heart.
 “It also helps good peeople protected from disasters."
His father agreed to him and added. 

When Amm was 18, he always fight with other people.
However he never got hurt since he had the amulets on him.
In BE2549, which was 7 years ago,

Amm involved in a car accident. He almost hit the gas station
when a dog appeared from nowhere suddenly ran in front of his car.
He immediately turned his steering wheel from hitting the dog.
But ended out he hit the stone pillar ar roadside and his car was split in
to half. Luckily he was on his own that time and no other passengers in the car.
He was not seriously injured. He only had some bruises on his skin.

Through these experiences, Amm believed that he was safe from each incidents because of the protection from his amulets. It also enhanced his work fortune
and he received many job opportunities and performing events. He is no
 the spokeperson of some advertisements. He also played a few roles
in some drama series in Channel 7 of Thai television. He is also the
TV program host of some programs in Channel 5. 

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