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March 19, 2013

【Efficacious Amulets】Great Wealth Fortune

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Thanachok Teesang, often called Lom Klongtom, is a Buddha-amulet expert, 
who unaided by any eyepiece and only with naked eyes could verify the 
authenticity of amulets, particularly those of Luang Phor Kong 
Wat Wang Sappharot, Chanthaburi.

Lom's father was born in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, and, 
as a child, had saw Luang Phor Kan of Wat Phraya Tikaram beg for 
alms every morning. He had witnessed that a flock of crows grasped 
Luang Phor Kan's shoulders, while leaving him no injuries, and that a 
ferocious fish bit the legs of Luang Phor Kan, who still amazingly bore no wounds.

Lom went to Bangkok in 2511 BE for business, learning quite a lot of 
knowledge of Buddha amulets. His father usually told him stories of Thai 
senior monks and had collected lots of Buddha amulets of Luang Phor Ban 
Wat Bang Nom Kho and Luang Phor Jong Wat Na Tang Nok. Growing 
skilled at verifying the authenticity of Buddha amulets, Lom began
 to enshrine many amulets such as Luang Phor Ban, Luang Phor Jong, 
Luang Pu Thuat Wat Changhai, and Luang Phor Kong 
Wat Wang Sappharot, the most efficacious one. 
He opened a Buddha-amulet shop in 2537 – 2538 BE.

Lom had ever enshrined Luang Phor Kong Phra Pairee Pinard Nawaloha 
amulet at a price lower than its expensive market price. Another time 
he received a gold Phra Kring from one customer who didn't know 
its gold material until the Phra Kring statue was examined by Lom.

One day Lom went to Wat Wang Sappharot and was recommended 
a Buddha amulet which Lom took home although frowning a bit at its 
bigger size. Lom worshipped to Luang Phor Kong for good fortunes, 
and efficaciously his wishes did come true by earning millions in income.

Heading for Wat Wang Sappharot again and noticing that the tiger 
pedestal of Luang Phor Kong statue was too low, Lom told the abbot 
that he and his friends were willing to pay the renovation cost to 
heighten the tiger pedestal. However, workers could not help but pause
 the renovation works to dig open the pedestal because the tools got 
damaged by thunderbolt. After asked by workers whether Luang Phor Kong 
was made known about this renovation, Lom in a hurry went to the 
temple to worship to Luang Phor Kong for well-going working progress. 
"One who might have little belief in god should still have great 
reverence for deities," said Lom.

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