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May 3, 2013

【Thai Temples】Wat Phlapphla Chai

  Wat Phlapphla Chai is located at Prom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok. The local residence also call it as Wat Kook or Wat Kok.

  Wat Phlapphla Chai was built during the reign of Somdet Phra Narai Maharat (BE 2199- 2231) in Ayutthaya Dynasty. However, there was no prove of the date recorded.

  According to historical records in end period of Ayutthaya Dynasty and early period of Thonburi Dynasty, Chao Phraya Chakkri, (the job title of King Rama I before became the king) loved to let the people farming in swamp and spacious land, which is called as "kook" in Thai language. And there were kraals, which is known as "kok" in Thai. Therefore, the early name of Wat Phlapphla Chai was named after its surrounding of "kook" or "kok". It was changed to Wat Phlapphla Chai during King Rama IV period and titled as the royal temple.

The current abbot of Wat Phlapphla Chai is Phrakru Sirinontakun.


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