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June 10, 2013

【Thai Temples】White Dragon King (Bai Long Wang) Temple

Master Chou Kim Nam (The White Dragon King) passed away on August 17, 2013. May Master rest in peace.

"White Dragon King" (Bai Long Wang) in Thailand is locally famous and also highly well-known in countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. Legend has it that in 2519 BE (AD1976) White Dragon King descended from the heaven to the world to inform that he would save people and to give instructions about how his appearance and statue should be depicted.

White Dragon King (Bai Long Wang)

Now "Chou Kim Nam" (Chinese: 周欽南) serves as the medium of White Dragon King. Chou Kim Nam, 76, is a Thai Chinese whose ancestral home is in Chaozhou (Teochew), Guangdong, China.

Born in Bangkok, Chou Kim Nam had moved to Chiang Rai Province with his mother in his childhood and moved back to Bangkok at 13. At first he opened a motorcycle shop in Chonburi Province; later, considering himself  the reincarnation of White Dragon King, he began giving directions to worshippers in White Dragon King Temple, Chonburi Province.

So many Chinese have visited White Dragon King Temple to consult with Master Chou and ask for advices. White Dragon King has been greatly venerated and appreciated by lots of Hong Kong and Taiwan celebrities, such as Alan Tam, Sammo Hung, Andy Lau, Leon Lai, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Shu Qi, Peter Ho, Show Luo, etc.

White Dragon King (Bai Long Wang)

Consultations with White Dragon King are available on each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Worshippers could take a number since 6:00 AM to wait for the consultation starting from 8:00 AM. The quota is 100 people each day. Generally worshippers would head for White Dragon King Temple at night to wait for their turn to take a number and have the consultation.

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