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July 23, 2013

【Special Offer】Wearing Wealth Buddha Amulet — Receive Wealth, Wisdom and Longevity

Luang Phor Ngern from Wat Bang Khlan, is one of the nine famous sacred monks in Thailand. He has the title of "Wealth Buddha", and the Wealth Buddha amulet made by him is considered as the best sacred object to attract wealth in Thailand. This believe is highly recognized by majority of Thai people.

In the 3 forms of alms, the material form of giving in terms of food, money or other tangible items could help one gains wealth. The second type is dhamma dana which can make ones receives wisdom. The third type is giving in fearlessness which can help one receives longevity.

1. Amisa dana: During the early hardship environment of Thailand, LP Ngen had put in a lot of gold and silver materials in the making of amulets to the public. Therefore, master had great status in the eyes of the public. This is his result of amisa dana.

2. Dhamma dana: LP Ngen has great dharma power and he did not have any association with dark magic. He has many well-known disciples such as LP Suk who is also one of the nine famous sacred monks in Thailand. This signifies the great result of LP Ngen's dhamma dana.

3. Abhaya dana: LP Ngen passed away at age around 114. He lived a longevity life. This is the result of abhaya dana.

4. The amulets of LP Ngen are the heritage of amisa dana, dhamma dana and abhaya dana. They are very precious.

5. Inherited power from LP Ngen, this Wealth Buddha is made and from Wat Bang Khlan. The original purchase price is NT.4800. As a form of return to all BOBI fans, we now offer the amulet at NT.3999and limited to 100 pieces!

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