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August 18, 2013

【Special Offer】Thai Baht Wealth Fish

1. Wealth fish has the meaning of continuous progress and bring good wealth fortune, just as the phenomenon of the breeding of fish.

2. According to legendary story, wealth fish was the reincarnation of Bodhisattva to accumulate merits in that life. There is also saying that wealth fish - "Taphian fish" is a type of fish that has strong foraging ability, vibrant and non picky eaters among the aquarium animals. Therefore, there were many ancient monks began to make the sacred items into the shape of wealth fish with the inspiration of Taphian fish.

3. Wealth fish symbolizes the auspicious fish that could bring you gold and silver, prosper your business, bring great wealth, good health and good fortune.

4. Wealth fish has eye-catching appearance, and it is very suitable for hanging in the living room, shop or car.

5. A pair of wealth fish also signifies the status of married or with spouse, thereby extending the meaning of blissful and happy family life.

Lucky BOBI presents you the finest wealth fish made in Thailand. Everyone is welcomed to get one! Only 10 wealth fish available with NTD.3,000 each!

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Wish Your Business Flourishes and Make Plenty of Money!

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