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September 27, 2013

【Amulets Zone】Salika Bird Bracelet - Eloquence, Popularity, and Charm

1. "Salika" is mynah bird, whose sweet sound makes people feel pleasant. Many Thai monks apply salika bird's image to amulets, which will bestow eloquence, charm, and popularity on wearers.

2. Salika bird amulets are blessed with magical powers helping people become more popular, endearing, and convincing; moreover, safety and wealth fortune (including both direct and indirect wealth) couldn't be overlooked when it comes to effects of salika bird amulets.

Therefore, salika bird amulets are certainly perfect choices for business people, sales people, publicists, entertainers, and celebrities.

In addition, for married couples or people in a relationship, Salika bird amulets would help strengthen the love relationship and remove obstacles in love.

3. These salika bird amulets, consecrated by Luang Phor Sam Ang, the abbot of Wat Bang Phra, could be tied to a bracelet, and there are several types of bracelets provided by Lucky BOBI. Welcome to purchase!

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