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September 30, 2013


"Salika" or "Salika Lin Thong" (Thai: สาริกาลิ้นทอง, "Lin Thong" means "golden tongue") is mynah bird, which is featured in some Thai folk tales for its ability to talk and imitate sounds, and whose sweet sound makes people feel pleasant. Many Thai monks apply salika bird's image to amulets, which will bestow eloquence, charm, and popularity on wearers.

Salika(mynah bird)
Thai mynah bird

Salika amulets are blessed with magical powers helping people become more popular, endearing, and convincing; moreover, safety and wealth fortune (including both direct and indirect wealth) couldn't be overlooked when it comes to effects of Salika amulets. Therefore, Salika amulets are certainly perfect choices for businesspeople, sales people, publicists, entertainers, and celebrities.

Don'ts for people wearing Salika amulets or with Salika blessings:
1. Don't swear at parents, teachers, and benefactor
2. Don't let your head be touched
3. Don't walk under a clothesline
4. Don't eat others' leftovers; still, taking meals with others is allowed
5. Don't take the same glass or bottle of water with others
6. Don't eat offerings of worship or food given by the temple
7. Don't eat funeral food
8. Don't curse and slander on others, and don't make other people alienate from each other
9. Don't spit into the toilet

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