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September 30, 2013

【Thai Temples】Wat Ratchasittharam

Wat Ratchasittharam (Thai: วัดราชสิทธาราม) is located in Bangkok Yai District, Bangkok. Originally named Wat Plab (Thai: วัดพลับ), it is estimated to be built in the period of Ayutthaya Kingdom.

Wat Plab was firstly rested on the west of Wat Ratchasittharam, which was founded and ranked as the second-class royal temple by King Rama I. Wat Plab got combined with Wat Ratchasittharam, but worshippers is used to calling it Wat Plab.
Wat Ratchasittharam
Wat Ratchasittharam is considered a temple of importance in that Phra Achan Suk, also the 4th Supreme Patriarch Somdej Phra Sangharaja Suk, was invited by King Rama I to reside in the temple.
Wat Ratchasittharam - Somdej Phra Sangharaja Suk

Somdej Phra Sangharaja Suk, highly honored by Royal Family, had served as the Phra Upacha (preceptor) in the ordination ceremony of the Royal during the period of King Rama I and King Rama II. At that time, practicing mediation became a trend, and Somdej Phra Sangharaja Suk was the founder of the methods of practicing basic meditation .

Somdej Phra Sangharaja Suk was viewed a guru monk with powerful magic skills, said to be able to tame wild roosters into domestic ones.

Wat Ratchasittharam

The day we visited the temple was the Candle Festival, August 15 of Thai lunar calendar. Many worshippers celebrate this festival by going to temple and donating wax blocks, on which worshippers could write their names and wishes and then be made into a candle, burnt in front of the Buddha image.

Wat Ratchasittharam

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