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September 28, 2012

Er Ge Feng

There are many different names and version of stories about Er Ge Feng(二哥豐) from internet.

Below is one of the versions telling story of him.

From China to Thailand
Er Ge Feng was born in BE2395(Year1852) and came from Chao An in Guang Dong, China.
His father went to do business in Thai in early period, so his family had shifted from China to settle down in Thailand. However they moved back to China when Er Ge Feng was 8-year-old.
His father passed away not after they went back to China, left only his mother, an elder brother and him.
His family faced economy crisis since his father death.
Er Ge Feng went to work in Shantou City along when he was 13.
Until he turned 16, he left China and went to Thailand by ship.

Emerge as a rich man
His first job in Bangkok was being a secretary. After gaining some experiences, he then became a tax official.
Thailand was facing financial crisis during that time. The government decided to open lottery shop, so that citizens can gamble and then it can increase the tax revenue.
Er Ge Feng was appointed by King Rama V to in-charge of the lottery & tax job since he knew Chinese. He then became a rich man and the most powerful Chinese leader under the care of King Rama V.
Er Ge Feng also developed the international trade port between Thailand and China.
He also set up newspaper office, and printed the lottery numbers on newspaper for public to check on their lottery numbers.

Contribution in Thailand
In BE2445, Er Ge Feng set up a foundation calling all China businessmen to donate and help poor kids in Thailand, and also bring in China's culture into Thailand..
He built a college in B42459, so some poor kids can come to learn and to teach them Chinese.
His contributions to Thailand were more than that.
He also built water dam to prevent flood.

Er Ge Feng was also a famous filial piety son. He will send money to his mother in China from time to time.
He used his own strength to become a rich man and not greedy, but dedicated to public community continuously.

Contribution in China
In BE2461, Chaozhou had an earthquake. Er Ge Feng immediately donated a big sum of money and supplies. Thus his had contributed a lot to China too.
He passed away in Bangkok on 5h March BE2479, aged 84. His bone ash was placed in China.

Ajarn Meng's Er Ge Feng

This Er Ge Feng was blessed by Ajarn Meng who is famous in supervising the making of Khun Paen and Er Ge Feng.
At the back of the amulet contains talismans carved and blessed by Ajarn Meng.
Having Er Ge Feng can increase one’s wealth fortune, popularity, attract wealth and also enhancing the gambling luck. That’s why Er Ge Feng is also known as King of Gamble. It also helps in making career a success.

September 27, 2012


Somdej, is the origin of Theravada Buddhism. Its amulet power is the most complete one among all deities. People in Thai believe that wearing somdej amulet can receive complete blessings, enhance one's luck and self-cultivation, calm and purify our soul.

Somdej has the name of "King of amulet", also known as "life-saving amulet", as its fundamental is to insure life safe.
Somdej is also one of the five vintage amulets in Thailand, the first choice for worshipers and collectors.

Somdej can protect one's safety, avoid dangers, help to improve one's charm, make things go smooth.
Poeple who wear somdej can get the protection with good thought in heart.

Made by Achan Dou
From history point of view,  the earliest made somdej was from Wat Rakang, known as "King of amulets" in Bangkok's early kingdom, and made by Achan Dou from BE2410 to BE2414. 

There was another saying that one day when Achan Dou was meditating, he heard of his master's voice telling him to watch the sunrise at beach as tomorrow's sunrise would be a special one.
Therefore, Achan Dou went to the beach the next day. Before the day turned bright, there was a white light shining through from east side. The light then turned into a Buddha statue glowing in white light. Achan Dou was delighted till he was dropping tears. This sunny type Buddha will surely bring happiness and safety. Achan Dou bowed and then left.
Since then Achan Dou started to make somdej amulets. 

Materials needed
The materials needed to make somdej include temple holy soil, incense ash, hair from eminent monk, grains and eminent monk's relic. Later the monks will chant in the religious assembly. Thai's somdej amulet does not have face. Its dharma seat has 3 layers, signify the three-world of heaven, earth and human. There are some with 5, 7 or 9 layers. In this recent 6-70 years, there are even 11 or 13 layers found in the somdej.

Three generations of somdej with mythical creatures
Most of you should be familiar with Luang Phor Parn's mythical creature amulets.
LP  Parn  was born in BE2418 and passed away in BE2481 at age 63. He had made three generations of somdej amulets with mythical creatures. 

The 1st generation was made during BE2450 to BE2452. The number was limited and only given to master's close lay disciples, thus hard to be found in the market. 
The 2nd generation was made around BE2455, with a small hole at the bottom of the amulet and stuffed with LP  Parn 's scripture powder. While the 3rd generation was made between BE2460 and BE2475, and divided into two phases. Difference between the two was the scriptures on both sides of the Buddha's head. The earlier phase scripture was in single line while the later was with double lines. Anyway both had small hole on top of Buddha's head filled up with master's scripture powder.
The type we often see in the market now is the 3rd generation one.
Luang Phor Parn's amulets with mythical creatures include Garuda, Hanuman, fish, bird, fighter cock and porcupine. Each type of it has 4 molds.

Somdej sitting on cock: enhance one's charm & wealth, suitable for intermediaries, sales people, lecturers and performing art workers.

Somdej on fish: enahance business dealings. 

Somdej on bird: this symbolizes prosperity and avoid from disasters, suits for people in agriculture industry or breeding related field

Somdej on Hanuman: symbolizes fortune of officialdom & gain, fits for general office workers to keep and wear it, helps those who would disburse, and getting more promotion opportunity from others or boss.

Somdej on porcupine: symbolizes to avoid from dangers & disasters, fits for people who always have contact with forest or dangerous job.

Somdej on garuda: symbolizes prestige power, can enhance one's leadership & convincing ability, to be respected by subordinates.

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September 26, 2012

General Khun Paen

Khun Paen is a historical hero of Thailand.
He was a well-known warrior with powerful magical power. Many women were attracted to him and fell in love with him, despite knowing that he had many wives.
However, his wives lived together in harmony.

Therefore, Khun Paen amulet is used to increase one's popularity and charm, and also attracting the opposite sex.

One of Khun Paen's wives was a neighbor country's general's daughter. Once, Khun Paen received command to attack that neighbor country. His wife begged him not to attack her country but Khun Paen refused to do so since it was an military order.
Thus his wife tend to put poison in Khun Paen's food. However, with protection of god he was not poisoned as he is incarnation of god.

Khun Paen was angry with his wife and he killed her. He didn't know that her wife was pregnant that time.
Thus he took the fetus and made it as dry bones, transformed it into a small amulet. He chanted magic spells into it to invoke powerful spirit. This amulet is known as Kumantong.

Khun Paen amulet is used  to ward off eveil spirits, avoid disaster, increase popularity especially attracting the opposite sex.

The earliest image of Khun Paen was in Buddha appearance, with sharp-shaped fire on top of head, right hand touching the ground, and left hand on thigh, bare right shoulder and two sticks of pillars at his back.
Khun Paen is also commonly known as metta Buddha or courtship Buddha. It can enhance one's interpersonal relationship, and attract opposite sex. However, its facial expression is decent and helps the wearer be safe from harm.

The Legend of Khun Paen in Blockbuster
Last 2 years, Thai movie industry had invested in a blockbuster, telling about Khun Paen's lifetime story. There are love and war plots in the story. 

Khun Paen had love affairs in everywhere but there would be ladies always willing to sacrifice their lives for him when he was in danger. There are a lot of war scenes in the movie and thus it cost a huge amount. Khun Paen's weapon is a sword made by steel. He also adopted a ghost child who had magic and can fly in the sky. 
This movie had caused a stir in Thai during its showing time, and heat up the martial art films in Thai. Consequently, the amulet shops operators in Thai made the Khun Paen's statue for worshiping after discovering all the Thai citizens love Khun Paen so much. Therefore, the Khun Paen amulet that we see now, most of them are different from the one with Buddha appearance we used to see. It has changed into human appearance. Even some has two swords on his back, and two beautiful ladies accompany him.

Butterfly amulet

Below are some sorted information of butterfly amulet from internet.
Butterfly amulet is well-known made by Kruba Krissana - the Butterfly King. 

Kruba Krissana is an eminent monk in northern Thailand. He was born on the 1st of August 1954 (BE2497). He inherited his family skills in healing since young and the family had provided free medical treatment and hence earned respect by many. 

He spent 10 years studying holy texts, wiccha boran and practiced meditation in the forests north of Thailand. He is the present abbot of Wat Pa MaHaWan. Kruba Krissana was ordained into monkhood on 27th october BE2522 at age 25 years old. With the support and request of the locals in Nakon Rachasima, Kruba Krissana started a small shrine which is now the current temple ground and raised funds to make his 1st batch of amulets using soil near the well of the temple compound.

      It was said that one day a butterfly flew passed while Kruba Krissana was meditating, and he got his inspiration from then on for butterfly style amulets. Many held the belief from the source that Thep Jam leng or King of Butterfly amulets are actually devas that communicated wiccha to Kruba Krissana during his meditation from the Hindu Trinity – Lord Shiva (The Divine Destroyer). In the early beginning, his butterfly amulets were not easily accepted by the masses as this was a new image amongst Thailand’s amulet making history. After some time, many devotees gave positive feedback on the spiritual power of the amulets in increasing luck and hence become popular in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and overseas. It is a common practice for Kruba Krissana to use not only the holy soil from the temple, but also 108 sacred herbs and donated gem stones in the making of his amulets. This is said to increase metta power of the amulets, enabling better human relationship, widening network circles, business opportunities, and wealth.

The legend of The Butterfly Deva, or King of Butterfly, better known as Thep Jam Leng, was said to be originated six hundred years ago in the spiritual realms of Cambodia. It was brought forth by white robed spiritual masters meditating in the forest. On the contrary to the new image, experts said that butterfly styled image amulets did once appeared back in BE 2482 year and then disappeared until recent years. This is because the wicca / ritual spells to invite the Butterfly deva or Thep Jam Lang was kept and known only by limited spiritual monks. 

The butterfly amulets contain 108 types of pollen, holy soil, gemstone and other sacred objects.
Therefore the butterfly amulet has flower fragrance that can last long.
Pollen is used as material since its flower fragrance has the ability to attract surrounding naturally, thus the power to enhance relationship with others is strong.

The takrut embedded in butterfly amulet is made by gold, silver or copper material, with yantra written on it and blessed by master until he thinks it is sufficient.

So why are there gemstone in the butterfly amulet?
The extravagance of gemstone and gold can enhance human relationship and attract wealth. Master will  also chant on the gemstone or gold continually.

Most of Kruba Krissana’s creations are either based on Thep Jam Leng (Buffterfly) or Salika bird - a bird which have good skill of talking. Thailand has a classic parable that compares a sweet talking person as having "Salika golden tongue". Kruba Krissana’s Salika amulets have many similar effects as the butterfly styled ones. The Salika Bird amulets are widely known to increase luck in business and human relationship with people.

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September 25, 2012

Types of Buddha Amulets

          There must be a lot of doubts to beginners who want to get Buddha amulets for worshiping since there are so many types and choices of Buddha amulets in the market.
After the brief introduction about Buddha amulets in the last post, I will provide deeper information about these sacred Buddha amulets.
First of all, I would like to introduce some often seen types of Buddha amulets. More stories of these different types of amulets will be introduced in later posts.

         Thai Buddha amulets are divided into two groups: the authentic & the black magic type.
The difference between these two types are their making materials and sources.
The authentic type basically is made by eminent monks or monks in temples. Its materials are taken from the nature, such as pollen, sacred soil, scripture powder, incense ash, clay etc. Some can be easily found and some are hard to get.
For the black magic type, the making materials including bone ash, corpse oil etc. It is made by master or black magician(gong tau).

There goes a saying that wearing the authentic type of Buddha amulet, its effects are more steady. While the black magic type's effects are faster.
However, there are some important things to aware if you wear a black magic type amulet.
You are advised to think twice before taking a black magic type of amulet.

Below are some common seen Buddha amulets in the market.


1. Somdej (King of Thai Buddha amulets) -  
    flourish business, bring wealth, good luck,  
    ward off the evil, enhance interpersonal 
    relations and help in career.

2. Phra Pidta - its appearance can be 
    divided into two hands, four hand hands or  
    eight hands,  to ward off the evil, avoid from 
    dangers and prevent from villain.

3. General Khun Paen - bring good 
     interpersonal relation especially to attract 
     the opposite sex, avoid dangers and keep 
     safe from harm.

4. Ganesha - attract wealth, transform luck, be wisdom, 
                         helpful in study. 

5. Goddes of Wealth (Nanguat) - fortune in 
    wealth, keep safe from harm, help in career. 

6. Butterfly amulet - attract opposite sex & 
    savior in life, help in business, increase 
    personal charm.

7. Er Ge Feng - attract wealth & easy money 
    (gambling luck), flourish store business.

8. Rahu - prevent villain, ward off the evil 
    spirit, avoid black magic.

9. Hanuman - symbolizes authority, people who wear it will be 
     loved & respected, avoid disasters & dangers, make oneself 
     more energetic.

These are just shallow introduction of types of Buddha amulets int he market. The detailed info will be revealed in the next post.

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Buddha Amulets : For Beginners

I believe that most of the people, especially for beginners who want to know more about Buddha amulets, must be confused with overflow information of Buddha amulets in the internet. Thus, I would like to provide some information that beginners must know at first.

The most common thing people will ask is the price of Buddha amulets.
Its price varies according to the year of making, materials, limited edition and master who made it.

So what is your best choice of Buddha amulet?
First, you have to think of the reason and purpose you want to have a Buddha amulet.
List out the amulets which fulfill your elements. Then choose the one that you feel comfortable with and worship price that suits your expectation.

Wearing a Buddha amulet is mainly to let one feeling calm in soul, enhance self-confidence and sense of security, and also avoid from dangers. It is impossible for you to have more worry after wearing the amulet.
As long as your heart is pure, the amulet you are wearing would be pure too. However if you have bad intention, the amulet will fear of you, not to mention to bless you anymore.

Three sources of Buddha amulets:
1. Commemorative Buddha amulets from temples
2. Special made Buddha amulets for temples rebuilt, Buddha's making or promotion of temples visibility.
3. Buddha amulets made by amulets stores.

In the making process of Buddha amulets, the eminent monks will collect all the materials in advance. Some of the materials are hard to obtain.
Basically the materials included herbs, sacred soil, scripture powder, powder of Bodhi tree and etc.
It depends on each master's preference.

The power of Buddha amulets is primarily from scriptures. And the power of  scriptures depend on the strength of eminent monks. The monks will grind and pave the materials repeatedly while chanting to infuse power into materials. It may take a day, ten days, fifty days or even hundred days for the process until the monks think it is sufficient. For metal made Buddha amulets, the monks will write scriptures on the copper sheet and keep chanting until the making of amulet is done.

The increase and decrease of an amulet's power depends on the person who wear the amulet. A person who always has good deeds will be protected and blessed by the amulet mysteriously. Other than people in Thai, people from foreign countries such as Hong Kong, China, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan are very supporting too.

Taboos of wearing Buddha amulets
  1. Do not place your amulet below waist, including inside your pocket.
  2. Take off the amulet before taking bath, to prevent damage of amulet.
  3. Do not wear the amulet while having sexual relationship.
  4. Do not do bad things or saying bad words. It will bring triple bad karma consequences.
  5. Place it on clean place, home auspicious or higher location if you are not wearing it.
  6. According to ancient story, you must wear the amulet in odd numbers. Eg. 1, 3, 5, 7...etc.

Taboos of wearing Buddha Amulets

Before we discuss about taboos
of wearing Buddha amulets, firstly 
we have to understand Thai’s Buddhism culture. 
Thai’s believe in Theravada, which 
is generally different from Chinese people's believe in Mahayana. 
The Buddhism that Theravada monks learnt is closed to Hinduism. 
Monks can eat meat in Theravada. 
You may have doubt on why these monks can consume meat.
According to Gautama Buddha's doctrine,
food given by people is the highest giving.
It is a waste if one rejected to consume meat merely 
because of it is not vegetarian.
You may expect that since these monks can eat meat, their religious discipline must be not strict.
In fact, it is out of your expectation.
Monks in Theravada need to comply with more 
religious disciplines than the Mahayana's.
There are hundreds over religion disciplines to abide.

Taboos in wearing Thai amulets : 

  1. Do not place your amulet below waist, including inside your pocket.
  2. Take off the amulet before taking bath, to prevent damage of amulet.
  3. Do not wear the amulet while having sexual relationship.
  4. Do not do bad things or saying bad words. It will bring triple bad karma  

  5. Place it on clean place, home auspicious or higher location if you are not 

      wearing it.
  6. According to ancient story, you must wear the amulet in odd numbers. 

      Eg. 1, 3, 5, 7...etc.

If you are not wearing the amulet, place it at a higher and clean place, with small plate of orchid petals and a glass of water in front of amulet as sign of respect.
Suggestion: For owner who can only place your amulet in room, you can put your amulet inside a clean and sealed box, then place it on the table or higher place.
You can put water, fruits, essential oil, incense, flower plates, and candles in a more formal way of worshiping. However, you will need larger space for these.

What is Thai Buddha amulets? - Introduction

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Buddhism is the national religion of Thailand, where tens of thousands of registered temples are around every corner.

Thailand Buddha amulets are small talismans of so many styles made from special materials, which can be purchased in temples, speciality stores and vendors of Thailand with vastly different price tags.

In the earlier days, the making of Buddha amulets — from the material selection to the consecration of finished items — is at the hands of senior monks in traditional temples, who would prepare materials including ashes of scriptures, herbs, holy soil 7 foot beneath temples, and other sacred objects. Metal amulets are mostly made of copper.

To make amulets, the needed materials should be ground and flattened, into which great power will be infused by the consecration of repeated Buddhist-scripture chanting and script-writing. The making of metal amulets will go through the similar process. The amulets, after the making comes to an end, should be under the chant of Buddhist scriptures for at least three months to be qualified for being enshrined by disciples. Amulets' great power, therefore, results entirely from that of Buddhist scriptures and senior monks, while the power of deities might somehow increase or decrease after amulets are enshrined.

According to traditional Thai culture, wearing a Buddha amulet made in a decent temple brings you not only good fortunes but also some other fairly special effects, like improving interpersonal relations, deterring weasels, and attracting wealth.

Evil-minded amulet wearers will never receive any help from Buddha amulets, no matter how invaluable or historical their amulets are. The efficacy of Buddha amulets is judged not by the price but by the thought and the mind of wearers. Those who are kind-hearted and decent and often do good deeds will definitely get blessed and protected.

Aside from the above, whether amulets bring good luck or not depends on your fate with deities.